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Modelled by Tobias Richter and designed by Sean P.Tourangeau

Star Trek Titan is set on a premise in which Captain William Riker commanding of a Luna Class  Science vessel USS Titan in a very much after the years of  Star Trek Nemesis incident in which gave way to the precipitation fragile negotiations for peace between the United Federation of Planets and the Romulan Star Empire…

There are six books in the series at the current moment…. Taking wing, The Red King, Orion’s Hound, Sword of Damocles, also a crossover “ Star Trek Density” ,  Over a Torrent Sea, Synthesis, Typhon Pact- Seize the Fire, Fallen Gods, then “The Fall The Poisoned Chalice”

Currently this is a pre production process of a short film in the making on the Lives of USS Titan also this is a Kick starter project.  The Graphics are awesomely done by The Light Works Tobias Richter…

On Star Trek Online… The USS Titan premise, it’s ship class sets very much in game by the variants of that type of class of Starship.. as of Luna, Polaris, Sol, and Comet class.. in which in game it’s a tier five ship class which was for the successor class  to the  Nebula also the Intrepid class. This ship in game was the replacement for the 344.g meters- Intrepid class, the Luna class larger in size of 450 meters long it proved very well as almost next to the Vesta variant class ( 672 meters long- multi mission explorer )  which had more capable abilities than the Luna, Intrepid, and the Nebula …

The leading characters of the USS Titan

-          Captain  William T Riker
-          Commander  Christine Vale
-          Commander  Deanna Troi
-          Commander Turvok
-          Lieutenant   Alyssa Ogawa
-          Doctor  Shenti Yisec Eres Ree
-          Lieutenant  Commander  Ranui Keru
-          Lieutenant Commander Jaza Najem
-          Commander Jaza Najem
-          Commander Sariel Rager
-          Lieutenant J.g Aili Lavena
-          Ensign Torvig Bu-Kar -Nguv

The series is created by Ryan Stevens..

Like to know more about Star Trek : Titan… on their Facebook.. also on their blog site.. Star Trek Titan TV series… ?

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