DOCTOR WHO | your very cool tardis shower curtain

Doctor who – TARDIS shower curtain

Just found this….This will be very cool in one your many bedrooms bathroom en suite  in your TARDIS….and you know how large inside of your Tardis don’t you, large very … It’s very close design like the Tardis door decal, which you could accessories your classic interior from “Pulaton”

It has two sides of the Tardis the left and front side, having the Matt’s smith Tardis exterior Desktop Theme….Its size moderately manageable to cover most of the width of the length of a traditional Shower and bath combination… in about 72 square inches.. Also fashionably have very cute classic police blue TARDIS curtains rings..

Like to know more about your TARDIS shower curtain to accessorize your TARDIS from…?

There’s one thing don’t forget to re install your Pool after a good dose of adventuring…!

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