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I once written a post on your online fleet… also then almost least one year, one night finding another gamer, whom was playing star trek online we started talking, sharing  on gameplay experience … also in that conservation that he, was thinking in leaving his fleet.. due to that he wasn’t able to interact with them due to the time zone, and wanting to find a localized fleet that’s on that same time zone..

On starting up… is to have friends online to help you out. In starting you need five, to start out.. Just to create the fleet from then ground up.. To register is team up with your group of five in your Lt Commander rank.. And register at Earth Space Dock (ESD) to find where it is, it’s locate in where the Admiral Quinn office, in that location where you could ascertain your future bridge offices, BOFFs.  In that process you, figure how to your fleet create logo, also your fleets uniform..

There’s also a Fleet bank created once of your fleet creation.. in which you has the fleet admiral will have to make manageable with privileges system inplacement assign to your members within your fleet, also this will help you to stop theft within the fleet bank….

As we got going… in further into the conversation… we talk about the socials, and figuring how that could apply in recruiting in getting more fleet members… and growing the fleet.. in one traditional social in in game recruiting in local or zone chat.. Where in Earth Space Dock.. Where new players are.. Starting out..

Other social talked is the creation of fleets website as in forum based. Where out game social discussion could take place where it’s also another it’s a secondary home for the fleet… Sharing experiences… And talk…also creating a very safe place for your fleet members..where rules and regulations have to applied in creating that save zone…

The other is using Facebook… In either as a group… or as a fleet page in growing the fleet… as to when using the fleet’s website to cater for more content or creating a more social experiences within Facebook or Google Plus, then the other for just in case situation using twitter.

As to using the fleets website or it’s other two socials Facebook and Google Plus…  it can be used for example  to do fleet events, or to helping other fleet members out  in requesting that to be leveling up..


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