DOCTOR WHO | a very cool… tea infuser

doctor who- shiny tea infuser from

One good thing If you know that special someone whom loves tea and appreciates the rituals in getting a brilliant fantastic taste out from a brewed of tea leaves… well this also might accommodate the Tardis tea pot…. while having Fish fingers and custard…

The top of the Tardis Tea infuser opens so you could in placement in your favorite loses tea leaves in also it has allowable holes to leach the beautiful tea blended aromas into your cup … the infuser it has a silvery beautiful belcher chain attached to a very eleventh Sonic Screwdriver.. in a combination of a stainless steel and zinc alloy construction so it’s rust resisted.. Also it’s moderate in size, it’s dimension is roughly three inches tall about one and one quarters in squareness so it can accommodate in any moderate size cup … one cool.. thing it make a great companion to the Tardis tea pot

Like to more about the shiny Tardis tea infuser…..?

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