Traveling through time and space & Doing timey wimy stuff.

If you love in search of the one golden ring in which is named precious, also its history before the trilogy “The Lord of the Rings”, this you may find it’s a pretty nice walk through Middle Earths vast dangerous adventuring landscape… Exploring the realms of Riverdell, Gol Guldur also Troll Shaw Forest…

There’re are also  three locked regions on the map, as above those regions are unlock… presumably as you progressively interact with the quest on exploring  think that you’ll earn points to unlock those regions or as the trilogy progressive that time will regionally unlock..  Also there are game plays for each region.. Something dark and magical..

One nice thing is it explains the history, the personal character’s accounts of the stories of that moment events in time.. it’s beautifully illustrated, as you reading the pages of the a very old book that you pick up in the great library halls of  Riverdell…

Once you explore as much you could by listening the tales and the place tell their stories… you can share your experiences  via the Socials like that you’ve been there on Facebook, Twitter, also on Google Plus.. But one thing though the experience is best served with a chrome browser… as think the experience is intended for…

Like to Know more for your adventuring quest on the Hobbit on Middle Earth. also the Hobbit..?

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