#StarTrekOnline #Emergence | Season 14 featuring @levarburton ‘s Captain Gerodi La Forge ….


Today is the 3rd October 2017, is the start of the Mid-Autumn Festival , in which also its season 14 on Star Trek Online, in which is a story arc from season 13.5 from Escalation featuring the return of the storyline of General Martok- J.G. Hertzler  whom survived after doing a prison break in  the most Klingon way..  In which was an interesting intense episode in having to break out jail with him… Also is returning-reprising is Captain Gerodi La Forge – Levar Burton of the USS Challenger as seen also worked with on with an incident that happen nearby the Nexus that was noticed on from Star Trek –Generations..

During season 14, within the chapters Emergence… is the storyline with the collaborations with the Lukari also Tentari alliances… in building new installations on a habitable colony in hope that will reunify their civilization together, one episode “Melting pot” prequel towards season 13.5 also now 14.. As the combining two civilizations together, as the collaborative work together, also there research of proto-matter in which was storyline in Star Trek-Wrath of Khan- The Search for Spock with the Genesis device that denoted a rapid manned made birth and decline of a planet in the Mutara Nebula….  During that time progressively development of Proto-matter devices and technology is most guarded from the Tzenkethi whom seek only for its destructive nature with multiple red alerts in team..

During season 14, fleets are given the opportunism to build a fleet colony based on the founded collaborative planet in various Tiers levels with leveling up holdings in which gain with rewards also a unique Tier six ship… As Season 14 is also a new specialization, Miracle Worker Specialization, in which give you specializations as Scotty, Gerodi also O’Brien abilities that will vantage you during combat as to your team…

#StarTrekOnline season 13 | Escalation – The introduction..

As today on 25th April 2017, On Star Trek Online, the awaiting season thirteen is here, this season is call Escalation in where the three alliances-Federation-Klingon- Roluman are drawn into a middle of an on-going conflict..  As the that conflict started when the Lukari are on the onset of self-discovery of their ancient home world also the hidden coven of secrets that lies within that rediscovery…  unfortunate to that leading up to the rediscovery they are hamper by the Tzenkethi … as this conflict arises it enters into the Alpha Quadrant to close for home in the Beta Quadrant as a trail of random littered planets, As the Alliance teams up with the Lukari to rediscover what lies inside the nebula they find what mystery to their ancient past ….

As Season 13, comes along there’s new content, in which, one is a new War game PVE content in where, two sets of teams compete against each other along with NPC’s in a race to complete all the challenges, in providing the new set of challenges with the new War-game queues comes with a new set of skillsets also equipment.. also with new environments in which to complete in……


#StarTrekOnline | Seventh Year Anniversary- season twelve- Reckoning on what’s to come…

As the Seventh year Anniversary of “ Star Trek Online” bringing out the Season twelve – Reckoning on exploring the As the previous episodic seasons in ending the Iconian War with the Iconians that spans outward into the Andromeda Galaxy.. In which there’s a new War going  on in which spans out throughout time in which this time we see in a previous episodes integrated with the “Agents of Yesterday” featuring Admiral Pavel Chekov- reprises by Walter Koenig, also Enterprise Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott- reprise by his son James Dohaan… in which the premise  in time travelling back to this days when he was onboard with the  Constitution class USS Enterprise, in which leading to a critical moment in United Federation History with the Klingon Empire the Babel four incident in which the situation need to be solve investigative by Daniels- Matt Winston a Temporal Agent in his story began with Captain Archer from the NX-01 Enterprise Days..

Season Twelve – Reckoning – is the continuing storyline of Artifacts… In which the Lukari Captain Kuumaarke have setting out into an unexplorationally region in the Alpha Quadrant in investigating an unusually activities also anomalies…  as Season brings in more of Agents of Yesterday’s Story arc… there are new ships in that era.. Featuring at Federation tier six Prototype Dreadnought Cruiser- Atlas Class also Tier six NX Escort Refit class.. as part of the new ships  there’s also the , Klingon tier six D9 Dreadnought Battlecruiser, also a Roluman Tier six Thrai Dreadnought Warbird...  all four ships are carrier vessels.  Also there was a crowd sourced design process ship in which was the design on the Tier six Lukari Ho’kunn Science Vessel in which as some interesting design features of which some interesting abilities as well the other four in which that are featured in season  twelve..