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As today on 25th April 2017, On Star Trek Online, the awaiting season thirteen is here, this season is call Escalation in where the three alliances-Federation-Klingon- Roluman are drawn into a middle of an on-going conflict..  As the that conflict started when the Lukari are on the onset of self-discovery of their ancient home world also the hidden coven of secrets that lies within that rediscovery…  unfortunate to that leading up to the rediscovery they are hamper by the Tzenkethi … as this conflict arises it enters into the Alpha Quadrant to close for home in the Beta Quadrant as a trail of random littered planets, As the Alliance teams up with the Lukari to rediscover what lies inside the nebula they find what mystery to their ancient past ….

As Season 13, comes along there’s new content, in which, one is a new War game PVE content in where, two sets of teams compete against each other along with NPC’s in a race to complete all the challenges, in providing the new set of challenges with the new War-game queues comes with a new set of skillsets also equipment.. also with new environments in which to complete in……


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