#StarTrekOnline #Emergence | Season 14 featuring @levarburton ‘s Captain Gerodi La Forge ….


Today is the 3rd October 2017, is the start of the Mid-Autumn Festival , in which also its season 14 on Star Trek Online, in which is a story arc from season 13.5 from Escalation featuring the return of the storyline of General Martok- J.G. Hertzler  whom survived after doing a prison break in  the most Klingon way..  In which was an interesting intense episode in having to break out jail with him… Also is returning-reprising is Captain Gerodi La Forge – Levar Burton of the USS Challenger as seen also worked with on with an incident that happen nearby the Nexus that was noticed on from Star Trek –Generations..

During season 14, within the chapters Emergence… is the storyline with the collaborations with the Lukari also Tentari alliances… in building new installations on a habitable colony in hope that will reunify their civilization together, one episode “Melting pot” prequel towards season 13.5 also now 14.. As the combining two civilizations together, as the collaborative work together, also there research of proto-matter in which was storyline in Star Trek-Wrath of Khan- The Search for Spock with the Genesis device that denoted a rapid manned made birth and decline of a planet in the Mutara Nebula….  During that time progressively development of Proto-matter devices and technology is most guarded from the Tzenkethi whom seek only for its destructive nature with multiple red alerts in team..

During season 14, fleets are given the opportunism to build a fleet colony based on the founded collaborative planet in various Tiers levels with leveling up holdings in which gain with rewards also a unique Tier six ship… As Season 14 is also a new specialization, Miracle Worker Specialization, in which give you specializations as Scotty, Gerodi also O’Brien abilities that will vantage you during combat as to your team…

#StarTrekOnline | Season 13.5- Escalation -What’s to come currently now.. !


As on Star Trek Online Season 13.5 –Escalation, with a few interesting intriguing episodes, one in particular- Brush Fire. Brush Fire is the rescue of the General Martok played by J.G Hertzler from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. H from a Klingon House of Torg- Sona prison in Briar Patch in Sector 441 , Beta Quadrant with all that remnants of massive supernovae… In which makes homage to a different degrees of various species also hiding places for some, in occasion is the a hazard for starships to travel in due to the velocity restrictions for travelling starships propulsion systems can overheat.. that the area also is dangerous that the Metreon Gases are easy violate… As seen with interesting Baku incident with the Sovereign Class USS Enterprise E..

The season goes more into the storyline that you have to rescue General Martok, in order restore order in the Klingon Empire that have been sort of dysfunctional after his imprisonment as to  in which- Worf- Son of Mogh played  Michael Dorn  Cameo back into the storyline to assist the Martok.. Back into being the Klingon Chancellor..  Along the way during the season 13.5 pickup from the season 12… there’s the introduction of two Sona Intel battle cruiser, also Science cruisers with some interesting abilities… as well with the introduction of the Endeavor system..