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Given that you had a Defiant Class, then this might be your next vessel, it’s “The Hestia Class” it’s something more than the Defiant class, as an Advanced Escort to go from…  orthough its larger in size but more capable of doing more damage with an increase of hulling with more stations and consoles it features with additional Commander Engineering/ Command Specialist Seat..

The Hestia Class, is the successor to the Prometheus Class and it’s variants as to the Phoenix also to the Cerberus.. The Hestia Class is an interesting ship, even though it’s a multi vector assault vessel, splitting three ways to attack and opponent, like in case with the Galaxy, Odyssey class variants.  The look of the Hestia is a akin but with a slightly large modifications of Star Trek Renegades, Icarus in which gives the Icarus edge kick ass with a very small crew, despite of a crew of 150 on the Hestia…

The Advanced Escort is also a MVAM – Multi Vector Attack Mode Starship in which it can attack a opponent in three parts like the Star-Odyssey Class- long range exploration Vessels like the alike Galaxy class- its Dreadnought variant also…. Apart from that its basically a cannon turret torpedo ship as that its ship systems baseline gives you more power to weapons… It comes with ship wide traits, such as, its Universal console – High Energy Plasma Expulses, in which vents a plasma then fire like the manstrom consoles, the Riker Manoeuvre, with increase in damages as you used the Command bridge officer seating with a boost to you weapons power briefly…………

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