#StarTrekOnline | the Alita Class- Heavy escort Carrier the Alita Battle Angel Alita – A Summary


ALITA CLASS Heavy escort Carrier inspired by the Anime name Alita Battle Angel Alita ... Is an extremely durable ship… Given that you want to down size your carrier from a Galaxy dreadnought carrier to something smaller with still the same amount of fire power but with a little more maneuverability… Given the Armitage Heavy Escort carrier class is your best bet among with being Jem Hadar…

Basically The Alita Class is a cannon, Turret, Torpedo Heavy Carrier Escort.. in which the size, it orientation of its design allows you to have the maximum most coverage in retaining that fire power with cannons re-charge- cooling rates to o a minimum the Alita has quite the advantage of being more Tactical/ engineering than to a science vessel… in which you can utilized the type of fighters or repairable work bee with essentials repairs…. The design inspiration looking at it comes with some element taken from the Miranda class with the look of design linage… with the saucer section as primary it major hull with the torpedo launcher that’s place on top among with the interconnecting engineering Hull with the warp Nacelles..

Alita class with a three piece set the Universal consoles of the Point Defenses systems, Torpedo point Defence systems, also the destabilized Tachyon emitters it’ll give you an increase in recharge time also Pilot bridge officers abilities… Increase in accuracy, and critical hit chance…

#StarTrekOnline | Fleet Arbiter class battle cruiser- smaller but it kicks more- A Summary…..!

“…….The Arbiter Class can be describe ….In tactical she very stealthy with a cloak  wearing a deadly pencil dress with a sniper assassin attributes with rapid hulling and shielding regeneration  abilities ….”

As previously Iconian war begins in season ten that war has concluded, in that time new Starships are constructed with different abilities to counter the Iconians.  There’s one class is in which Is built from the Avenger Battlecruiser Class … in this the” Arbiter is constructed, It’s longer but has the look of a much more heavy look of a regent class cruiser.. With an Odyssey neck hull line with fashionably more tanking look to it…

Orthough it maybe a little more longer than the standard Avenger Class, the style of this medium size battle cruiser can pack a punch. Or lots of it as it’s capable of doing a lot of damage with a stronger heavier hulling…. The Design aspects of this is akin to the Regent Class Cruiser with its pencil dress likeness.. That comes with more feminine lines…  Effectively the Arbiter class battle cruiser with a forwarding hanger in the saucer section also in the turtle neck hidden hull that could do with your operational needs.. In tactical she very stealthy with a cloak  in a deadly pencil dress with a sniper assassin attributes with rapid hulling and shielding regeneration  with abilities ….  The Variable Auto- Targeting Armament added it deadly manoeuvres in which increase your turn rate also weapons damages…

#StarTrekOnline | ヤマト #Yamato dreadnought class- the youngest sister – A Summary


As the evolution of the Galaxy Dreadnought class continues into the <<  ヤマト>>  Yamato class, a more aggressive Battleship version of the Andromeda Class… it’s like having a bad ass snipers Rifle with a bayonet at the end when it meet its opponent..  As the development from the Galaxy to the Yamato, taking its name from the Japanese Anime Battleship Yamato, also from the largest world war two Battleship constructed at Imperial Japan at the end of the war ..

 The Yamato Class is like the Battle Tank is the youngest sister of  Galaxy  Dreadnought class its more bulk larger in size in hull, with a larger deflector shield dish, an a more a solid saucer section with a mean Spinal Phaser Lance that’s acts like a Sniper’s rifle with a taste of a bayonet.. When comes to Saucer separation, the Spinal Phaser Lance becomes more a dual Shot gun rifle so moving into the target would require a much closer range rather without the saucer separation…

The Tier Six Yamato Class comes without the console parts of the previous Exploration Cruisers, given that you have those consoles it this case it’s those consoles will give you an advantage given without one console you won’t able to use that shot gun.. The ship is also a carrier with one hanger bay console for the fighters, but it also contains a saucer hanger also for other various shuttle types…..

#STARTREKONLINE- #SUTHERLANDCLASS | The Fleet Tier six Sutherland Class – Advance Research vessel – The Daughter of the Nebula Class…

STAR TREK ONLINE- SUTHERLAND CLASS | The Fleet Tier six Sutherland Class – Advance Research vessel – The Daughter of the Nebula Class... Photographer @KevinJamesNg
STAR TREK ONLINE- SUTHERLAND CLASS | The Fleet Tier six Sutherland Class – Advance Research vessel – The Daughter of the Nebula Class… Photographer @KevinJamesNg


“The Tier Six Sutherland Class can be described as is going to back to the basics like, It’s like wearing a simple black or a mini Qipao dress that all you need simple but very stylistically  elegant….. with geeky science gear..”

When I look at the Sutherland Class it reminded me of my first start up ship, in the same class of the Miranda Class, in which was the Centaur Class, in which it has the same feels, in which it moves the same, but on a larger feel in which with a larger saucer, engineering nacelles section, it takes a while to manoeuvre around, in which was going to back to the basics like, It’s like wearing a simple black or a mini Qipao dress that all you need simple but very elegant..   ..  The “ Fleet Tier Six Science vessel, Advance Research Vessel- the Sutherland Class” Orthough the Sutherland has the elementally features of the Nebula class in which is the jointly hull with the Saucer section, with the Miranda class look, with the sensor plates arrays platform nacelle on top of the saucer section..

The Sutherland is three of the classes, drawn from the inspirational upgrades, with the Galaxy, Galaxy dreadnought, towards the retrofitted upgrade tier variants, in such as Andromeda, also Yamato Dreadnought class cruisers…  However the parts are interchangeable when you go to your local shipyard, or drydock facilities… The Sutherland is viable for Vice Admiral Rank in Starfleet. Also there is a Fleet Variant as well too…  Console wise – Universal wise it does comes with a Tachyon Particle Field Emitter, with this ability it drains your opponent shields damage, and also it vice versa hardens your shielding debuffing providing with this your allies will have shied regeneration. With Starship Drainage also Shield restoration.. Once you level up on the Starship Trait leveling to five it’ll reduces your opponent’s shields with shielding damage but you’ll also need Tachyon Particle Field Emitter... Also in vice versa hardening up yours with your systems becoming more Accuracy and Starship Draining expertise…  Also as you leveling up on Starship Trait mastery wise is Tachyon Dispersal in which reduction of your opponents shielding as the ability is activated…

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The base hulling rating of the Sutherland class is 46,199 at level 60, in which is up-gradable in strength as your level of skillset is increased among the different types of engineering consoles as you install, in which all you need is a Tier three fleet shipyard to construct your ship…. In view the ship is basically a beam also torpedo ship..  Given having three after, and forwarding weapons console placement.. in which as I Put it going back to basics, It’s like wearing a simple black or a mini Qipao dress it’s just simple but striking when your try to maneuvering in rotating your ship in combat in covering utilizing all beams, in doing so it’ll will reduce your shielding combat as you either go in close or moderate afar.. Also the ship comes inertia of ratings of 45 with a base turn rate of ten degrees per second, with plus fifteen to power also with Shielding as well, in which it’s best to equip with fleet Aux to weapons warp core, or unless you want to fight the fight Aux to shielding systems warp core to sustaining longer holding your ground.

The Fleet T6 Sutherland comes with Lieutenant Commander Engineering/ Temporal operative bridge stationing… in which provides you with an advantage with your temporal bridge officer’s abilities, in with one Lieutenant Tactical, one Ensign Science, One Commander Science, one Lieutenant Commander Universal in provides  with extra variable abilities that suit your bridge crew skillsets..

Tier Six- Sutherland class – Advance Research vessel- via Star trek online 

Faction: Starfleet

Tier: 6

Availability: Tier 3 Fleet Shipyard

Required Rank: Vice Admiral

Hull Strength: 46,199

Shield Modifier: 1.43

Fore Weapons: 3

Aft Weapons: 3

Device Slots: 3

Bridge Officer Stations: 1 Lieutenant Tactical, 1 Lieutenant Commander Engineering/Temporal Operative, 1 Ensign Science, 1 Commander Science, 1 Lieutenant Commander Universal

Console Modifications: 2 Tactical, 4 Engineering, 5 Science

Base Turn Rate: 10 degrees/second

Impulse Modifier: 0.15

Inertia: 45

+15 to Auxiliary Power and +5 to Shield Power

Sensor Analysis

Secondary Deflector

Sub System Targeting

Starship Mastery Package (Science Vessel)

Enhanced Particle Generators (+Exotic Damage)

Advanced Shield Systems (+Shield HP)

Enhanced Restorative Circuitry (+Healing)

Reactive Shield Technology (+Shield Regen/Hardness)