STAR WARS- #THEFORCEAWAKENS | ILMFX- Visual effects is also part of the emotional visual storytelling…

“LUCAS FILMS – ILMFX” have always been one of the few leaders in development of crafting special visual effects, from the very ground up in when their awarding winning hallmark benchmark is experimentation’s with “Star Wars” in when development the visual component of storytelling of capturing us in that story world of immersion beside in musical score that brings out the emotional voice of the words that lies within the pages of storyboard screenplay..

In this feature it demonstrates that storytelling in visually in the recent trilogic saga of Star Wars of “The Force Awakens” having taking notes from the very ground up, breaking bounds of going back to that 1975 beginnings in relearning of creating with today’s, graphically visual technologies in creating layering of various layering of animations in post-production taking from the green/blue screen footage in combining with collaboration partners Hybride, Base FX and Virtuos.  Those footage scenes at ILM Studios in San Francisco, Singapore, Vancouver to London… likes of the battled savage lands of Jakku to planet size Death Star- Star Killer..


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