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“Are you with me…? May the force be with us…? “…………..Jyn Erso… Daisy Ridley

Who is this girl, in this “Star Wars Story- Rogue one” Trailer in which Kylo Ren ( Ben Solo) Reacts to the latest Trailer whom steals the data tapes of the plans to the first Death Star and questions where the Boffins in that was mention in The New Hope Episode……. as Mon Mothma mention in many Boffins die as she briefing the team as they went the go ahead to that trench run to the weakness point in the Death Star Mark one…

Kylo kind found a little light in him giving also believes had the Rebel Alliance surface to air missiles that was used on the planet Jedha that was used on the counter imperial incursions on the AT-AT Walker, the rebels would have won in fighting the fight.. Then someone in end appears with all that red graphically neon……” Grandfather.. Who is playing Grandfather.. is that Haydn OMG it’s Haydn?’ then he gets all excited in a rage lightsabering the console.. brilliantly done by the Auralnuts


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