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As we build up for the ninth episode movie in “Star War” after we was left off in Rey finding self-exiling Jedi Master Luke Skywalker- whom founded, the new order of the Jedi order after it was crushed by the Dark side of his nephew Ben Solo- Kylo Ren son of Princess-General Leia Skywalker and General Han Solo of the rebellion that happen now thirty years ago as we explore the aftermath of the fall of the Galactic Empire of that on a new story thirty years later on Jakku where we met Rey- Daisy Ridley ….

Star Wars have always been on the cutting edge of innovative creative on leading for intensive immersive visual effects has it started of using creatively of blue screen with highly detail actuated crafted models to tell various elements of the story …. As to this scene here is where Rey, Finn and BB-8 fled the Planet Jakku in a newly acquired Millennium Falcon after their first option of transport was destroyed…

The various visual breakdowns from this scene was produced by in IMAX filming, while the physical production was done in Abu Dhabi- UAE, with the first scene shots of the explosions, with green screen elements then later filled in with massive immersive CGI and digital matted paintings in digital marked out has the following chased sequences are framed then flesh out. As the visual effects applied in sequences by sequence as the Millennium Falcon trying to elude intelligently, escape from a squadron of Tie fighters…

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