DOCTOR WHO | Christmas special 2014- there’s something about Santa……?


On Christmas day at a time of 1815 British time on this years “Doctor who” Christmas special, there’s something investigative going on at the north pole in Arctic that involves a base with people trapped on a base that is under attack from creatures that are hibernated awoken in after they been retrieved from somewhere..  In this seems it’s been years after that the Doctor and Clara have been adventuring together in since she’s morning for Danny… But with a new place hence she’s she moving on with that closure since the “Death in Heaven” episode where we met the Mistress the female regenerative Master…

In this also Santa and his elves helpers aren’t that nice or what they’re  traditionally seems, but rather grey and dark on the one’s that we used to know as cheerfully merry Santa… whom this one  seems very dangerously a like a villain but a very helpfully one in getting things done..

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