VIDEO GAMES AWARDS -2014 | Weta Workshop Introduction of the Angel gaming trophy…?


On Friday, 5th December 2014, the “Video Games Awards” the” Oscars” of the video gaming industry and media, in which was held in in “Las Vegas”,  showcasing the latest games, awarding in the same Voting Categories like the Oscars and the people awards… like in various categories.. In each of the categories the winners was award with a game Award in which was design and created by “Weta Workshop” with the supervision of “Sir Richard Taylor “ and his Weta Workshop  team whom did the amazing a visual and props effects with many productions like the Lord of the rings, The Hobbit, Elysium…

The Angel Trophy design is to celebrate that excellence in the Video game industry in Which Sir Richard Taylor … “The angel rising to the heavens pursuing great heights out from the digital blocks of the land is the inspiration of the design……..” in the creative process the trophy when through many designs with 3D printing to see the what that trophy would look like, with the aspirations designs of hoping in having a timeless quality style where telling that story of various games through every era..

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