SOMEWHERE IN BETWEEN | It’s a like a Tolkien’s walk from north to south in New Zealand…!

SOMEWHERE IN BETWEEN – Tearoroa Walk- photo – epsilon films-


It’s a walk, adventuring documentary in the making between the two islands of New Zealand. From the top of North to the South island of Bluff, the home of the famous Bluff Oysters…. The journey, the walking trek takes in between a 3000 Kilometers, exploring the New Zealand wonder lust green landscapes with its natural geographically contours that brings out the imagination of Tolkien’s world in the Hobbit,  Lord of the Rings but bringing in this slightly modern world….

In this the Team “ Somewhere in between “ whom is set out in in trekking in the wonder lust green Tolkien’s world trekking out in  New Zealand, filming on a five months spending time in documenting with Marta, Arthur, Anton and Emma.. Each bringing there’s experiences in the 3000 Kilometer Tolkien’s like trek…  as part of the adventuring updates post on their blog “ Tearoroa Walk “ from each of the teams experience along the journeys…It should be interesting to see how their life experiences are shown in the documentary film..

AIR NEW ZEALAND | Surfing with an inflight safety video…!

As “Air New Zealand”, turns up its innovative awarding winning inflight safety videos like the” Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit “each scene is recreating the fan moment of Tolkien’s world. This year’s theme is about summer… in this we see numerous  locations in between Malibu, Los Angeles, Gold  Coast in Australia … and the New Zealand  surfing shores of Raglan  and Phia.. in this also Air New Zealand has partnered up with professional surfers Gabriel Medina, Mick Fanning, Laird Hamilton and Alana Blanchard Anastasia Ashley,   to  every aspect of in aircraft safety.. Of what to do demonstrating in a given emergencies…

VIDEO GAMES AWARDS -2014 | Weta Workshop Introduction of the Angel gaming trophy…?


On Friday, 5th December 2014, the “Video Games Awards” the” Oscars” of the video gaming industry and media, in which was held in in “Las Vegas”,  showcasing the latest games, awarding in the same Voting Categories like the Oscars and the people awards… like in various categories.. In each of the categories the winners was award with a game Award in which was design and created by “Weta Workshop” with the supervision of “Sir Richard Taylor “ and his Weta Workshop  team whom did the amazing a visual and props effects with many productions like the Lord of the rings, The Hobbit, Elysium…

The Angel Trophy design is to celebrate that excellence in the Video game industry in Which Sir Richard Taylor … “The angel rising to the heavens pursuing great heights out from the digital blocks of the land is the inspiration of the design……..” in the creative process the trophy when through many designs with 3D printing to see the what that trophy would look like, with the aspirations designs of hoping in having a timeless quality style where telling that story of various games through every era..

THE HOBBIT – LEGACY | Reliving your moments in with lord of the Rings…?

It’s coming northern hemisphere winter, and it’s cold, and you have a fire place thing going on, also next month On 12th December 2014 the last episode of prequel trilogy “The Hobbit –The battle off five arms” also what a great way to get your friends together in a warm home is to watch all the two Hobbit films plus the Lord of the Rings trilogy and have a fun time to go with lots of warm food and drinks… before you head out an seeing The Battle of Five Armies..  and recollecting the adventures between Bilbo Baggins in the Hobbit fighting with his friends the Dwarves, Men and  his cousin Frodo Baggins in the Lord of the rings, where the fight is against Sauron in the his destruction also along with the story of that golden ring..

While your friends and you watching  and recollecting the adventures you guys could go online and learn about the places more on through the” Middle Earth -Google Chrome Experiment” as you guys watch both Trilogies


THE HOBBIT-TRAILER | the battle of the five armies..?

On December, 17th 2014, “The Hobbit “trilogy concludes on that lonely mountain a battle ground is placed at its doorstep..In this final conclusion that leading up to where the Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, as this is a story about Bilbo Baggins in “in the Hobbit” as his cousin Frodo Baggins in the Lord of the Rings, battle it out with a company of Dwarves, with Thorin Oakenshield in the previous episode struggling having to reclaim their underground Kingdom from the dragon Smaug whom is voice by Sherlock Benedict Cumberbatch….  Whom in that episode begins a fiery devastating reign.. Over that sleeping fishing village city that once was heavily fortified of Lake Town…

In the conclusion Thorin becomes akin like to his father whom as he hoards.. Everything back obsession.. Sauron operating behind the war theatre, has placed his moves to send the legions of Orcs to reclaim Lonely Mountain… as the eclipse of darkness apond them, the races united the Dwarves, Elves, also Men… for Middle Earth in a moment in time fragilely thread…  The Bilbo Baggins story is foretold on 17th December 2014…