THE HOBBIT – LEGACY | Reliving your moments in with lord of the Rings…?

It’s coming northern hemisphere winter, and it’s cold, and you have a fire place thing going on, also next month On 12th December 2014 the last episode of prequel trilogy “The Hobbit –The battle off five arms” also what a great way to get your friends together in a warm home is to watch all the two Hobbit films plus the Lord of the Rings trilogy and have a fun time to go with lots of warm food and drinks… before you head out an seeing The Battle of Five Armies..  and recollecting the adventures between Bilbo Baggins in the Hobbit fighting with his friends the Dwarves, Men and  his cousin Frodo Baggins in the Lord of the rings, where the fight is against Sauron in the his destruction also along with the story of that golden ring..

While your friends and you watching  and recollecting the adventures you guys could go online and learn about the places more on through the” Middle Earth -Google Chrome Experiment” as you guys watch both Trilogies