#TOMBRAIDER |#LaraCroft- Alicia Vikander- The movie – teaser trailer

Tomorrow on 20th September 2017 New Zealand, it’s the release of the prequel of Tomb Raider trailer, in which the actual screening in set to be release on 16th March 2018, in which has the movie hallmarks signature of the Square Enix- Crystal Dynamics, recreation with the game elements as Lady Lara Croft – Alicia Vikander goes in search of her beloved lost father Lord Richard Croft- Dominic West..  In which the prequel goes into the exploring the storylines of a much younger Lady Lara Croft, in search for the truth of behind of her father’s disappearances, given this is straight after her mother passing some years back as a younger child also the story before she became known as the Tomb Raider as the first remake of the game demonstrated that on her adventuring on a ship named Endurance that got ship wreck on mysterious island that’s is full of historical to present with her antagonists the pirates whom she faced whom reside on this island that appeared to have dangerous dark past ..

This is the third Tomb Raider film in which, the previous premise was based, the two first was based after the what became her, featuring United Nations UNICEF Ambassador- Oscar awarding  Actress, Director Angelia Jolie…  Looking at the Teaser, it has many elements from the game with extreme intense realism as the gaming characters, environmentally texturing goes seemingly that they take many drawn experiences also game-playing notes game wise…


#BladeRunner2049 |#OfficalTrailer – there are still pages left in this story……………………………..

Screening sixth October 2017- or 26th October 2017 in Already tomorrow in Hong Kong is BLADE RUNNER 2049 been thirty years after the Tyrell Corporation succumb to unfortunate events in the last time with the replicate rebellion group infiltrating it in order to pursue the meaning of life also the extension of their programming life.. In sense this is one of previous film in which I’ve current have many copies of its re-editions also the novel as it explains more in-depth…

As those thirty two years continue, from the fall of the Tyrell Corporation, with the request to find once a LAPD Blade Runner whom being mysteriously exile missing- Rick Deckard-Harrison Ford, in which a new LAPD-Blade Runner Officer K needs answers from this former legend before the society he knows collapses in leading investigating some buried secrets that may threaten the society that he knows today also his self-discovery..

Looking at the trailer it retains true to the original emotional mood of the first Blade Runner film, with its score among with retaining the same period wardrobe to that era even its thirty years after when we see Rick Dechard with his Replicate partner and companion Rachel whom is the exact duplicate of Doctor Eldon Tyrell daughter….

Featuring executive producer Ridley Scott and director Denis Villeneuve, stars Ryan Gosling, Harrison Ford, Ana De Armas, MacKenzie Davis, Sylvia Hoeks, Lennie James, Carla Juri, Robin Wright, Dave Bautista and Jared Leto.


DOCTOR WHO | Lego Dimensions…

As to the build up to “Comic Con San Diego 2015” there’s one “Lego Game” where Lego Gandalf, Batman, plus company meets The Doctor “Doctor Who”  whom meets these three characters in their past either  the three didn’t know it or not.. the adventure continues form the last, adventuring with the 12th Doctor or his past in going through in a lot of side quest in meeting up foes of the Doctor, the Daleks, The Cybermen,  in the that Blue Box,  the Tardis..  in that adventuring that they get to know him a bit more and what is the Dalek Emperor is up to in pursuing him..  The game is soon to be released out in the 27th September 2015 year and its playable in Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Wii….

THE HOBBIT – LEGACY | Reliving your moments in with lord of the Rings…?

It’s coming northern hemisphere winter, and it’s cold, and you have a fire place thing going on, also next month On 12th December 2014 the last episode of prequel trilogy “The Hobbit –The battle off five arms” also what a great way to get your friends together in a warm home is to watch all the two Hobbit films plus the Lord of the Rings trilogy and have a fun time to go with lots of warm food and drinks… before you head out an seeing The Battle of Five Armies..  and recollecting the adventures between Bilbo Baggins in the Hobbit fighting with his friends the Dwarves, Men and  his cousin Frodo Baggins in the Lord of the rings, where the fight is against Sauron in the his destruction also along with the story of that golden ring..

While your friends and you watching  and recollecting the adventures you guys could go online and learn about the places more on through the” Middle Earth -Google Chrome Experiment” as you guys watch both Trilogies


GRAVITY | the Oscars 2014- NASA takes time to congratulate and celebrate…

As today on during the Academy- Oscar awards 2014 , the movie Gravity won several exciting awards categories in the rained out afternoons of Los Angeles. The movie Gravity is a space shuttle mission that was a regular routine mission in that the Space shuttle explorer, plus her crew follow by the leading actors Academy awards winners Sandra Bullock (Doctor Ryan Stone, Mission Specialist) and George Clooney (Matt Kowalski, veteran Astronaut), are doing a just by the book on somewhat repair mission on the Hubble Space telescope, or some satellite that resemble the primary item, the HST.  Along the way there was flying debris that was headed there way, seeming following by a folly of it, hitting shuttle Explorer,  one of the crew is hit,  while seeming to make way back to the Explorer. Then a colossal of climax of situation arises. Until the HST has been complete ripped apart also the shuttle explorer complete fractured, spinning out of control, until when stone, trying to make reparative contact with Huston….. Until to no avail, leading them Stone and Kowalski into uncertain elements of trying to find self-assistances from the increasing calamity, to the International Space station.

During the Academy-Oscar Awards in representation of NASA in congratulating the Cast and Crew of the Films achievement is Expedition 27 Astronaut Cady Coleman, Astronaut Mike Massimino, also the Aboard International Space Station Astronauts, JAXA Koichi Wakata, NASA Astronauts, Mike Hopkins and Rick Mastracchio..

The Following Academy Oscar awards 2014 categories that it won on:

Great cinematography – Emmanuel Lubezki

Directing –Alfonso Cuaron

Film Editing _ Alfonso Cuaron and Mark Sanger

Music –original score – Steven Price

Sound Editing – Glenn Freemantle

Sound Mixing – Skip Lievsay, Niv Adiri, Christopher Benstead and Chris Munro

Visual Effects -Tim Webber, Chris Lawrence, David Shirk and Neil Corbould

Like to know more about the several Academy Oscar awarding movie  Gravity…?