#BladeRunner2049 |#OfficalTrailer – there are still pages left in this story……………………………..

Screening sixth October 2017- or 26th October 2017 in Already tomorrow in Hong Kong is BLADE RUNNER 2049 been thirty years after the Tyrell Corporation succumb to unfortunate events in the last time with the replicate rebellion group infiltrating it in order to pursue the meaning of life also the extension of their programming life.. In sense this is one of previous film in which I’ve current have many copies of its re-editions also the novel as it explains more in-depth…

As those thirty two years continue, from the fall of the Tyrell Corporation, with the request to find once a LAPD Blade Runner whom being mysteriously exile missing- Rick Deckard-Harrison Ford, in which a new LAPD-Blade Runner Officer K needs answers from this former legend before the society he knows collapses in leading investigating some buried secrets that may threaten the society that he knows today also his self-discovery..

Looking at the trailer it retains true to the original emotional mood of the first Blade Runner film, with its score among with retaining the same period wardrobe to that era even its thirty years after when we see Rick Dechard with his Replicate partner and companion Rachel whom is the exact duplicate of Doctor Eldon Tyrell daughter….

Featuring executive producer Ridley Scott and director Denis Villeneuve, stars Ryan Gosling, Harrison Ford, Ana De Armas, MacKenzie Davis, Sylvia Hoeks, Lennie James, Carla Juri, Robin Wright, Dave Bautista and Jared Leto.


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