SOMEWHERE IN BETWEEN | It’s a like a Tolkien’s walk from north to south in New Zealand…!

SOMEWHERE IN BETWEEN – Tearoroa Walk- photo – epsilon films-


It’s a walk, adventuring documentary in the making between the two islands of New Zealand. From the top of North to the South island of Bluff, the home of the famous Bluff Oysters…. The journey, the walking trek takes in between a 3000 Kilometers, exploring the New Zealand wonder lust green landscapes with its natural geographically contours that brings out the imagination of Tolkien’s world in the Hobbit,  Lord of the Rings but bringing in this slightly modern world….

In this the Team “ Somewhere in between “ whom is set out in in trekking in the wonder lust green Tolkien’s world trekking out in  New Zealand, filming on a five months spending time in documenting with Marta, Arthur, Anton and Emma.. Each bringing there’s experiences in the 3000 Kilometer Tolkien’s like trek…  as part of the adventuring updates post on their blog “ Tearoroa Walk “ from each of the teams experience along the journeys…It should be interesting to see how their life experiences are shown in the documentary film..

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