#ULA –United Launch Alliance | #NROL 47- #DeltaIV – Launching from that Californian west coast Vandenberg Air Force base- #MissionProfile


Today on a very warmly Dry 27 more degrees Celsius Auckland 12th January Friday 2017,  was the launch attempt of the ULA- United Launch AllianceNROL-47 reconnaissance Satellite in which that was planned to launch on Thursday 11 January 2017, 1300 hours in which there’s as second attempt of the launch in which will occur from a twenty four hour cycle in order to ascertain a maintenance repairing issue with a ground system valve.. At the Vandenberg Air Force Base on SLC-6- Space Launch Complex -6 …. In the current weathering forecast there’s a ninety percent that’s favourable for the next launch on the west Coast Friday 12th January 2017… at the same recycling timing at 1300 Hours at West wintery coast …. In which the live broadcast will be recycle to 1240 West Coast California time..

Its current Payload is the National reconnaissance Office in which its chosen carrier rocket is the Traditional trust worthy Delta four rocket in which is manufactured by Boeing Defense and space division.. The Delta IV in a 5.2 medium plus configuration is consisting two solid rocket motors  in which has a centaur rocket engine that powers up the secondary stage that transition the rest of the payload into geo stationary orbit placement…   as this is the 36th Launch of the flight of usage of Delta four rocket..

#ULA United Launch Alliance | #AtlasV #NROL42 – Mission launch profile…..


On 21st September 2017 Thursday West coast time, is the United Launch Alliance of NROL-42- National Reconnaissance Office Satellite, launching from the West Coast Californian coast line from Launch Complex three from Vandenberg Air Force Base… The launch window of the Atlas V 541 opens at 2238 hours Pacific Date Time…in which the live stream of the event will be stream broadcast at Sept. 21 at 2218 Hours Pacific Date Time in which will be a night time launch due to the nature of the position of the payload need to be placed.

The client is the National Reconnaissance Office Launch Enterprise- Air Force, in which the NROL-42 is launch from an Atlas V 541 configuration, in which the primary stage is an Atlas V, with four core solid rocket boosters, in which the primary carrier stage is powered by a RD-180 Engine, with a secondary Centaur Stage is powered by a Areojet Rocketdyne RL10C-1 Engine..

The NROL-42- is a Data observationally data gathering communications assessment satellite in which one of many purposes is also assessments of weather observation also earth environmental sciences of data analysis natural disasters, earthquakes, tsunamis, flooding’s, and fires… also provides the provisions of communications of supporting peacekeeping and humanitarian relief operations

UNITED LAUNCH ALLIANCE | ATLAS FIVE – 541 NROL-35 launch Highlights…?


On 12 December 2014 on a beautiful sunny partial cloudy day, on the west coast of the United States, in California, Vandenberg Air Force Base… On a night launch, an Atlas five rocket was prepared to send a payload, in which is a NROL-35, and National Reconnaissance Office 35 a Reconnaissance satellite …. In this Launch, in collaboration with the “ULA-Untied Launch Alliance” with the “United States Air Force” it is the first time flight of a RL10C rocket engine used on the upper staging of the Centaur component of the rocket staging…

As seen here some awesome highlights done by “Matthew Travis”  shows the progress from a three week from September  assembly on the launch complex on Vandenberg Air Force Base’s launch complex three… to the getting ready prime fueling  for a traditional military  launch…

There’s one thing interesting in this flight its mission patch logo, in its design… In having gone to the more of a Marvel, DC comics like a Dragon age mix in with War or Warcraft  type of look with an Awesome female Mage warrior, in a dark Gothic Mage purple dress, with holding a guarded trident in readiness to follow with her single amber charge from one hand.. Meaning ready to defend…  With her energy charged fiercing purple hair… like she’s ready for battle….