#AirNewZealand #GoingTheDistance | who you’ll be missing this #ValentinesDay …..?

“… if you looking for it, I’ve e a sneaking suspicion you’ll find that love actually is all around…. “His Right Honorable- the Prime Minister of Great Britain and United Kingdom- Hugh Grant – Love Actually…  “

As this Valentine’s Day in about a fortnight least on the 14th February, love comes in various different elements with different stories of Love..  in which is either with Wife,  Husband, daughters sons, best friends and cousins.. Parents, grandparents and long lost lovers in which like the Arrival gates like of Hong Kong International Airport, or Auckland, or that iconic scene in love Actually in Heathrow where the British Prime Minister voice over by actor Hugh Grant explains an emotional synopsis of  celebratory love at the Arrival gates..  In which “Air New Zealand” is inviting you whom you’ll be missing on this Valentine’s Day… in which they wanting  to know on their socials..

 #ValentinesDay #GoingTheDistance

AIR NEW ZEALAND | Boeing 777-300 smooth landing at LAX…?


Flying on a “ Air New Zealand”  Flight Number one, on a ” Boeing 777-300”  from “London Heathrow Airport –LHR” To “LAX – Los Angeles International Airport” “You Tuber Henry Tang” .. Filming on  October 2014,   his approach path from as his flight gathers lower attitude  from a  beautifully scenic flight as you see the San Andres fault line in the distance..  Then the amazing views from San Bernardino National Forest the Angeles National Forest… Also seeing the beautifully orange glow sunset setting in the distance towards from Venice  Beach to  all the way to sandy beaches of Santa Monica in the distances.. .

Also as to approaching landing on the runway..  Seeing Downtown Los Angeles then making its way to Inglewood, then landing remarkably smooth on LAX… As landed the flight is instructed by the Air Stewardess of the procedures of landing over the aircraft intercom.. Proceeding to its designated Terminal…