STAR WARS | a surprising force for change winner…?

During the this year on the month of July 2014, “Star Wars Disney” plus United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) did an fund raising initiative where everyone could contribute and donate for a charity name for “Star Wars-Force for change” where you help out children across the globe.. Also in where you could win prizes, also the winner whom won will get to see the premiere advance screening in your hometown among with 20 friends.. Also among with the winner and guest gets to see a closed set filming of the episode seven as VIP J.J. Abrams guest.. Also meeting the cast and crew… Also partaking in the movie with a makeup also with costuming film among with the film…

Well today “Star Wars force for Change” Just announced the winner of exclusive grand prize winner whom would be partaking in the film. . His name is D.C. Barns… From Denver, Colorado… from that Barns shared a donor video… explaining his favourite moments of watching Star Wars… Shared from his Denver office… Out from thirty five years saying he had to wait in line….  Then an outburst of surprise from the crew of Star Wars for change… then saying in surprisement “…this is my new Star Wars Moment… “as he was totally stoked that in winning  expressively nearly falling of his chair..

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