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August 11, 2014

As “Doctor Who Season” eight plus the” Doctor who- World Tour” was launched during the earlier week of August 2014, with a grand gala premiere on at Cardiff, in getting ready for airing of season eight episode one “Deep Breath” also debutanting the twelfth Doctor Peter Capaldi with Jenna Coleman keeping him into the tutoring with her experience with the previous…

When the dynamic duo, came to Seoul- South Korea ninth of August, Saturday, they were greeted by many excited fans from the airport straight out from the Cardiff event and having finishing filming the remaining of Season eight… Then to the Questions and answering progressively throughout the Korean event…  Who came in cosplay of various Tardis and characters from whom…

Doctor Who world tour- Seoul -9th August 2014

Watching the event on You Tube live stream during a wintery night while Korea is in summer… The Korean fans are passionate and incredible who has Q And A during the event, also the Host asked the Requested on multiples of questions barreling out from the host holding the cards… The Tardis Dynamic duo answered them through a very thoughtful diligence translator whom tries to interpret every single dialogue that is going on in between them throughout the whole night… the crowds cheered on holding with different placards and assortments of  sonic screwdrivers..  Watching throughout the whole event even though could make out the interpreting Korean, you could watch intensely of the body language that could composite in not understanding and the answers they were giving throughout the event.. Also thinking a Korean boy Band appeared on stage after exchange of some gifts that resulted a Some folding out Asian Fans..    After the event some lucky fans go to see the special screening of the first episode of the Eight Season “Deep Breath” …

As for the next Stop for the Tardis Dynamic Duo, it’s “Sydney Australia”… Point random directions where it is… on 12th of August… !

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