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With the upcoming season of presumably of Star Trek Online- season ten “Delta’s Rising” in the month of October 2014…There’s something interesting within the exciting expansion and changes… for the first time in four years of the MMORPG they are rising up the captain level capacity on Captain Levels to 60… Previously current once you level up you Captain it’s still at level 50…

What does this means.. with the new leveling to captain level sixty that means that means that new Tier levels are assigned from Tier five class Starships in which are use once you’ve reach to level 50,  but with the new  leveling to sixty.. You’re able progressively to obtain from Tier six’s seven or ten new Starship classes… As a part of the endgame leveling to 60….

With this in mind interesting to see what’s to come with the new Tier 60 Starships… but what does this mean does it mean it devalues the existing ships that you have in your shipyard?  Thing is it doesn’t finding out from experience that you could do the same amount of damage with your required specific skill sets also your lovely Bridge crew family.. And heavy modifying your ship with some serious fleet gearing stuff… Like taking your stock land rover defender or evoque and Britishly Ministry of Defense it in Solihull…   the new Tier leveling will be faction wide… in between the Federation, The Klingons… also the Romulans…

Should be interesting what’s to coming as they will be releasing news in a dosage of three weeks on the new changes in Tribble test servers soon, also the Dev’s blogs…

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