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On 23rd of August the” Doctor Who” The Doctor returns Victorianly five days forward on from “Taylor swift’s” worldwide live stream on her fifth album 18 August… on that day of the 23th Peter’s Capaldi Doctor return we are taking us back to Team Strax… the only way where Clara can nurse him back to health akin to where Rose Tyler to David Tennant Doctor after Christopher Eccleston….  In this we see the Doctor nursing back to health after this regeneration process…. Among that there’s something about a strangely mysterious about a Steampunk cybernetic gentleman of sorts with a warring flame thrower…. There’s a Dinosaur in London…. All flame out like Gothic Godzilla scene…  Madame Vastra and Jenny Flint returns in a preparing fight scene in a like Kill Bill in a Victorian a mass tunnel finding clues Sherlocking…

In the process when the Doctor Returns thinking we see the Tardis, crashed landed of sorts in a later fashion that Peter’s Doctor redecorated… as Matts Doctor would.. Then Clara (Jenna Coleman) in the scene Pulling a David’s Doctor to Matt’s Doctor Desktop Theme like in “The Day of the Doctor” .. saying  “ you’ve redecorated..  I don’t like it“   seeing with the new Desktop theme… With a small surrounding Library of books where the Round things are….

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