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As Star Wars- A Star Wars Story “Rouge One” screened on 16 December 2016, in which a team of highly trained rebellion resistance pilots with various sorts of backgrounds, the rebellion resistance pilots who are skilled operating in dangerous missions in enemy lines… In this we get to see the action, the story what happened before the New Hope, where before Princess Leia actually possess the plans of the Empire Death Star Mark one, as we seen in the episode of the Return of the Sith… also it should be interesting to see how it integrated into that first scene leading up to the New hope, above Tatooine….  Where the centric lead character story on Jyn Erso- Felicity Jones a street criminal whom has an interesting history, whom becomes a rebellion solider is when she is offered a reprieved notice unless she in assisting in obtaining information about stealing the information of a massive devastating weapon The Death Star that her father was forcefully to build in order to protect his family ending it with her..

In this behind the scenes of “ILMVisualFX” we get to see the compositing of the one many Jedi Temples homeworlds in there the Imperial are mining for the KyberCrystals that makeup the key components of the Jedi also Sith LightSabers in sourcing that for the main component of the construction of the 140 Kilometres Diameter Mark One Death Star orbiting above Jedha..  Also the destructive nature as the it hyperspace drive towards Scarif in where the Death Star plans are stored along with other Imperial destructive weapons that are in construction like the second, third planetary size Death Star..  In this we see the various different layers of compositions … of using real life locations towards adding them with different layers computer Graphically elements to create that additional layer of storytelling as the Death Star starts to cover up its loose ends…

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