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As “Space X- Falcon nine Reusable” is getting set to return to launch and return to operationally orderly  on 18th February 2017, with the return to resupply the International Space Station with the CRS-10 Tenth mission of the Cargo Resupply Servicing number ten…. In preparation for the return to service mission it’s launched from one of the most iconic Launch Pads in Space history, that very launch Pad in question is the soon to be remodelled, modified Space Launch Complex pad 39A the very one that seen the many launches from the Apollo Mission towards the Moon, among that it’s the STS- Space Transportation System- Space Shuttle programme ….but given that’s belayment there will be a backup launch  on the following day in which on the initial window if successful the Falcon nine will separate after ten minutes then meet up within two days latterly.. Also the Falcon Nine reusable will land in LZ-1 Landing Zone one at Cape Canaveral Air force Station…..  in which there will be two webcast of the event one is “the Hosted” the other is the “Technical webcast.. “

In preparations for the upcoming CRS-10 launch, numerous testing had to be done to check out any systems with its new historical launch platform modify for it’s used for the upcoming ultra and Heavy versions of Space X falcon nine variants.. One such testing is the Static test firing of the Falcon Nine’s reusable Merlin cluster Engines to see if all are in working order also its systems..  On 12th February 2017…..

The Falcon nine reusable, including its CRS-10 payload assemble in the adjacent new constructed horizontal assembly building – HIF- Horizontal integration Facility nearby the SLC-39A is railway out to launch pad among too with the TE- Transporter Erector in the same traditional….. The launch window for CRS-10 is windowed for 1001 Hours morning Eastern Standard Time, in which is 1501 hours Greenwich Time with a ground landing this time instead of a drone ship landing…

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