#StarWars #AStarWarsStory | #Solo- Before he was General Han Solo of the rebellion


“………You’re after something. Is it revenge? Money? Or is it something else…” Qira-Emilia Clarke


As yesterday on the 9th April 2018, it was the second trailer for the prequel story of our soon to be the Husband of Princes Leia Organa, Father of now known of turned son, Darth Vader wannabe… Ben Solo- Kylo Ren….  That’s A Star Wars Story of Han Solo… of his origins of how he became the interesting lovable antihero smuggler that we know today…In which we set to see on it’s releases on 25th May 2018…..

Within Solo storyline- it is as most Space Westerns gets set in the world where there’s no Jedi left or the very few in exile in the world where Star Wars Rebels is the beginning, in the world that Han Solo- Alden Ehrenreich grew up in which of his younger self enterprising himself with his partner in crime Chewbacca- Joonas Suotamo…  in which he’s after something else that’s going to be his home, his love in which is the Millennium Falcon- the modified Corellian freighter YT-1300 in which he won it after with a table match in between his long-time friend Lando Calrissian- Donald Glover..  In which their storyline once again meet in Bespin the Clouded City…   or first love is Qira- Emilia Clarke as they grew up together in which she share the same rough road life with her being glamorous operating with different guises

In this trailer there’s something western about this, in a western there’s always a train heist in which sets the tone for one in stealing from the imperial empire, as they contracted to do a job as they younger Solo with his fellow smugglers are warmth with a campfire in planning their heist..  The Solo Story sets the tone with as many other origin stories within the Star Wars franchise in which would like to see an actual Star Wars Rebels  in which leading up towards the third trilogy…..

STAR WARS | some serious YT-1300 Millennium Falcon action….?

In this our favorite” Star Wars” Corellian YT-1300, the Millennium Falcon.. in a Fan made production..  is doing some serious moves as it maneuvers in between a massive amount of debris looking around it seems it outs of a battle seen like how the JJ Abrams Enterprise has warp out into a battle carnage of Starships decimated by Nero on its way to Vulcan.. In the JJ Abrams Star Trek reboot…..  Then entering through some massive wreckage… Like they’re from some star destroyer been punched up..  Then heading out to punching into Hyperspace …

The Brilliant Visuals effects is done by.. “Martin Smekal”… using various methods in between to composite the effects using the  Millennium Falcon Modelling works of “Andrew Crook”  also structural models from “Reality Supply”  as it musically composites in with music score of John Williams..

STAR WARS | one way of giving that extra something special for your girlfriend or boyfriend…?


I Know that it’s past valentine’s day has past, but this maybe the next one way to reward your girlfriend-wife or boyfriend-husband an awesome freshly made  constructed modified YT-1300 Corellian Freighter wrapped up in a big red giant bow, after a series of dates, courtship timeless intimate gifts sharing in leading on to something serious .. this very cute short clip where you could see the beautifully relationship between a couple has been produce by Lucama pictures by BranitVFX.

Also one thing that’s happening right now it’s Disney’s Star Wars Weekend which runs between 16 May to 15 June 2014…

the cast and crew…

Writer/Director: Bruce Branit / Lucamax Pictures
Production: Through A Glass Productions
Producer: Chris Blunk, Michelle Davidson
Director of Photography: Jeremy Osbern
Assistant Director: Chris Weaver
Starring: Darren Kennedy, Alicia Cabrera
Colorist: Taylre Jones