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Under Construction yet to be opening in the Californian, Los Angeles Summer 2019 at Disneyland Resort in late fall 2019 Calendar is the Disney’s Park largest expansion also reconstruction, with that expansion of the Park, Star Wars themed, as tittle Galaxy Edge.. Theme on the Star Wars Universe, in which it’ll put the guest into the center of their own unique adventuring stories in being in the action of all events as you either take to become part of the Rebellion or the Imperial Empire…. With two themes the Millennium Falcon ride as you and your fellow passengers pilot the Falcon out from a sticky situation with Tie Fighters, Star Destroyers on perusing you. The other theme is more updated with the fourth trilogy is escaping from the first order…

Your living Star Wars Story first adventuring with the Millennium Falcon, landed on a remote outpost world Batuu in which is a safe haven for Smugglers, in which you explore that outpost in which with each part of the world you’ll get to explore certain types of mechanizing stores like in Universal studios for Harry Potter’s Wizarding world with different rides and attraction..  Galaxy Edge is like the massive expansion of the Star Wars ride that’s been ever so evolving into a very larger theme park… into Disney’s  Anaheim also Bay Lake Florida……

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