#STARWARS – #ROGUEONE |#DEATHSTAR – A Star Wars Story – The Japanese international trailer..

“Rebellions are built on Hope..  May the Force be with us…! “-Jyn Erso- Daisy Ridley


As the building up towards only least a month away on 16th December 2016 “Star Wars Rogue One- A Star Wars Story” to Jyn Eros’s story on her quest to find her father, after being forcefully abandon since her younger teenage years… she receives an interesting message from her Father whom was a Key designer in constructing the first Death Star among further two more larger ones in the process…  Also in this we see more of the storyline outcome in this extended look of this trailer that the Death Star, freshly built is test firing onto its neighbouring planet in preparations in what we about to see in “ A New Hope”  when it was targeting planet Alderaan to show case its destruction as a example of what’s to come..

As the story continues from the trailer Jyn in finding her father, she is recruited into the Rebellion along with others to retrieve the digital plans Designs of the Death Star …. Together with her newly founded group, with the rebellion as they seek to find the weakness of Death Star that her father built.. Also in the storyline Jyn Erso’s Mother presenting her with a Crystal of some sort that it looks like it’s an important component of constructing a lightsabre that Jyn is somewhat Force Sensitive interestingly that what we shall see is her mother a Jedi on self-exile after the fall of the Jedi Order..