STAR WARS | A fan film – the beginnings of Darth Maul..

it’s past Midnight, finding this excellent made Fan Film of the evolution of the Maul, Darth Maul in his process of becoming Darth for the Sith, as goes for the learning process of going to the Dark Side… this is a different younger Darth Maul that we see in Star Wars Rebels, in where it’s for him now, after a learning process of that the Sith order that he used be with betrayed him long time ago.. just for Darth Sidious needs…

In this it brilliant done, with VFX, and cosplay at high quality film levels.. also its excellently stage in sabre fighting where it plays a large part of the storyline that’s taking place as well the screenplay it written as well.. it’s also interesting to see that Lucas films and Disney encourages fan made films that are on produce thinking so Paramount and Viacom should do the same in adopting high quality fan films, series into its cannon…….  Production wise it’s done with T7Prproduction, written, produced, edited by Shawn Bu, Music is done by Vincent lee…….

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