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The Cast and Crew of “Games of Thrones“, and “Omaze” have team up to give you a chance to and your friend to win to meet and greet the cast, to watch the premiere of season six on the red carpet, flown to the event also the time of your life With Dragons, Drinks, and desserts in the before and after the Party..

In this the cast, gets to determine to guess whether name of Heart Eater. Crimson Death. Dark Sister. Are either 1980’s Metal Bands or various swords used in the Games of Thrones series, some got the referencing right some of the cast got the referencing of the swords not, also remembering those scenes where the swords where used..

The charity event connected with “Omaze” is least than Ten USD, you get to support the “IRC” a non-profit organisation in which is to help Humanitarian needs, to assist people whom are displaced in rebuilding their lives back………………


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