BLUE ORGIN | New Shepard- Flight numbers three… even high than before…

“………….Launch, Land, Repeat… “

Using the same rocket as before, the same hardware previously used, “Amazon’s Blue Origin” New Shepard’s third flight was design to see if they could break it on second April 2016, with a higher attitude this time of one hundred and three Kilometers high…..With an engine restart…  for the landing on for about a kilometer .. in which the prescribing  its main BE-3 engine to throttle up hard fast.. in with the conclusion of a two stage separation with the crew capsule touching down at 1.3 miles per hour.. also with main propulsion stage touching down at 4.8 Miles per Hour..  it should be interesting to see the fourth flight where they reused the same hardware to make it reliable the company completes itself also Space X as well.. !

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