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Open just recently first of its cyberpunk theme park kind on this year 2018 in the South-western Guizhou Province in which that province is situated in the South-western part of China.. This is the first three billion Yuan- USD 8.4 billion Virtual reality Theme Park- Oriental Science Fiction Valley – in which features a fifty three meter tall Battle Tech Jaeger Robot naming as Phantom in which he protects the theme park…

As the footage show there are fifteen theme rides as the themed in towards the 2038 as in an energy shortage world… In which the lack of resources of the planet is battled out.. Guizhou Province is also known in China’s early 20th Century history as the partaking of the Long March in the late 1930’s….. Also located in one of least fortunate provinces in which constructing the park will provide a more fortunate to the provinces economy …..also to uplifting to the province people lively hood..

As you immerse yourself in the theme park with VR Visors among with the in which they are provide by Ideal Lens.. Throughout the ride you’re as a patron riding out during the ride feel the commotion among with different pavilions there are also different themes.. Along the parks there are ninety six battle tech robots, in which equally they split in different gender female and male….. The current park size is only the phase one, in which in construction is phase two then three…

One part of the attraction is a full dome with five dimensional immersive experiences as the chairs that you sit on move along with the ride… in very similar to Universal Studios in LA with the Terminator… Majority of the Virtual Reality products are made, produced in China in which helps the local economy alive in with creativeness innovation in creating that industry

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