#Arianespace | #VA238 – The launch of the Hellas Sat – Inmarsat S EAN also GSAT-17 – Highlights-


On 28 June 2017 Wednesday  from the Arianespace CSG- Guiana Space Center, from European space port in French Guiana, it is also within  Arianespace launch of VA238 is the launch of two payloads of Hellas Sat – Inmarsat S EAN also GSAT-17 in which both will be place in Geo Stationary orbit..  The Launch took place at 1815 Hours local time….. in which this marks eightieth launch with the Ariane 5 ECA Rocket with the seventh launched this year’s calendar to date ..

During this launch, there are two payloads within one launch; it is not unusual for one launch to have multiple payloads, like in the recent SpaceX launch with the Iridium two networks… the launcher carrier rocket was on launched from an Ariane 5 ECA Rocket with two boosters…

The two main satellite contractors are hales Alenia Space, also ISRO ISAC (ISRO Satellite Centre) in which are responsible in which hales Alenia Space is constructed the Hellas Sat – Inmarsat S EAN a telecommunications satellite that offers the provisions of Direct Data of high- ultra high data video content, telecom- communications services to Europe, Middle east also South Africa..  also providing advanced Wi-Fi services for aviation..

The other is ISRO ISAC (ISRO Satellite Centre), is contractor to construct GSAT-17, in which is also a communications satellite in which provides high velocities data communications towards the Indian Consentient also providing services to search and rescue efforts..  its other instrumentations is an educationally providing broadcast on educationally science, navigations programming,

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