Traveling through time and space & Doing timey wimy stuff.

As Airliners set to replace their older aircraft fleets for more fuel, environmental efficiency Aircraft in which can cover more range also with decrease in travelling time  efficiency…. South Korean- Asiana Airlines has been doing the same with like Cathy Pacific in fleet replacement… Asiana Airlines is Airbus twelfth A350XWB-900 series customer….. In which on …

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On 21 March 2017, “Arianespace” is set to launch from Guiana Space Center in French Guiana, in which set to launch form the Arianne five launch complexes, the launch window of the launch is in Between 4:31 p.m. and 7:20 p.m., New York time- Between 20:31 and 23:20, Universal Time (UTC)….. The carrier rocket, is an Arianespace Ariane …

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