#Airbus #A350-1000 | #A350XWB #MSN065- travelling adventuring in three weeks Demonstration world tour….


As Qatar Airways takes their first order of their first maiden Airbus 350 XWB-1000 series aircraft out of a planned thirty seven in ordered today 20th February 2018 at the Airbus Delivery Center in Toulouse France it was ceremony officially handed over from Manufacture to Carrier in which previously it was featured in the Singapore Air Show.. in which during this later month of February 2018 it flown for a world tour starting from Oman then towards landing in night time Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong, then it Arrived in a very rain out Auckland Monday on the 12th February 2018… in various members from different airlines, media also invited guest was to sample the A350-1000 series capabilities with the new innovation in interior design Airspace in creating a new standard of comfort that’s begin introduced into the Airbus 380plus..  With wider seating, high ceilings with a next generation of inflight environmental controls to ensure passenger comfort… in which invited guest of various assortments were to see the very back bone as the Demonstrator MSN065 what it has the capabilities to do more than the Boeing 787 Boeing 777 next generation series with a powerful quieter Roll Royce Trent 1000…….with a seven meter extension than the Airbus 350-900 series giving it at 73.78 meters long

Traveling twelve cities within three weeks stretching sixty four thousand Kilometers with ten thousand people checking in to see the A350-1000, with those twelve cities Doha, Muscat, Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong, Seoul, Taipei, Hanoi, Singapore, Bangkok, Sydney, Auckland, Tokyo, Manila, within twenty four flights, in obtaining eighty seven flight hours…..

#Airbus #A350XWB |#A350-1000 – Type Certification Unlocked ready to fly…


On 21 November 2017 the Airbus 350XWB-1000 Series was finally certified for it’s on time type with flight testing of over 1600 hours in which it was Airworthiness type certification approval in which finally certified also for the milestone delivery for the end of the year 2017  for its first delivery Qatar Airways.. Certified by the European Aviation Safety Agency- EASA also the US Federal Aviation Administration –FAA… in which that certification is required for any form of new entrant aircraft to enter any forms of designs of servicement, as both certification was finalized presented to Airbus Exec. Vice President of Engineering Charles Champion..

Its certification process begins with the assembly in Toulouse –France, in where Airbus manufacturing assembly plant is the newest sister as its design to be seven meters longer than to the A350-900 series fuselage in which it can accommodate passenger capacity in a 366 passenger in a three class configuration setup giving forty more seats  …   in which the A350-1000 series has the equality rating of the A350-900 series sister, in which fashionably it comes with a heavy modified trailing edge with a six wheel landing gear systems, with some interesting more enhanced powerfully Royce Rolls Trent XWB-97 engines..  in which as part of the certification the A350-1000 series have summed up more than 1600 flight hours in which operations of flight certification was done in the same simulated commercial flight operations of an Airliner environments  would of 150 hours was to simulate readiness into service..  in which currently there’s now least 169 A350-1000’s in ordering process..

The new Airbus 350-1000 features numerous innovations from its sister series also from Airbus 380-800 also with the inflight innovations Airspace cabin environment design to bring in comfort, Ambiance and design among that is the morphing wings that designed to shape during flight dynamically in which to bring fuel efficiency, also a majority of the fuselage is carbon fibre lighter stronger..

#AIRBUS #A340-300 | #MSN001 #FlightLab – laminar-flow- BLADE makes it first flight for Clean Skies………!


On 26th September 2017, Airbus test flight its first flight of the Airbus 340-300- Laminar flow BLADE test demonstrator aircraft (A340-300 MSN001)… In which the aircraft wings was modified for the EU sponsored clean sky project.. In which BLADE- Breakthrough Laminar Aircraft Demonstrator in Europe…… in which to assess to minimised the aircraft carbon dioxide emissions down to more of five percent also to bringing up more than fifty percent reduction of wing friction… in which first time introduction is the modifications of the wings primary structure in which with the integration with transonic laminar wing profile while still trying to retains its primary design characterises..

A340-300-MSN 001– known as the first test bed for the A340-300 series also now as the Flight Lab took from Tarbes Aerodrome in southern France at eleven in the local time in the morning in making  several trial flights over a duration of  three hours and thirty eight minutes in which they were successful, in which landed smoothly on Airbus Facilities in Toulouse Blagnac Airport…… in this exercise was to measure the tolerances, imperfections in various conditions and environments  that may arise to correction in the development learning process for the sustain the Laminar designs.. in which further flight testing is required to in the months ahead in which required least of one hundred and fifty hours..

As part of the testing it’s installation on the outside of the aircraft is retrofitted inside with complex nerves of specialised flight testing instrumentations stations also working among with an European partnership with extensive experience flight test crew.. Whom can fly the aircraft at Mach in a reasonable flying altitude… among many of the installation were camera pods, also infrared cameras that was installed on the tip of the wings fins..

#AIRBUS #CATHAYPACFIC |#HongKong Celebrating the 20th anniversary with the AYO- Asian Youth Orchestra….

As part of the 20th Anniversary of Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong as an SAR- special administrative region…. Airbus and Cathy Pacific Airways celebrated that 20th year anniversary of Hong Kong… Also that Cathy Pacific also Cathy Dragon.. Announces its further more ordering of more Eco-environmentally friendly 31 Airbus 350’s along with furthering 32 Airbus 321-neo to its fleet to replace its aging airliners… in which the Airbus 350’s  replaces the aging Boeing 747-400 also the Airbus 340 series fleet in which newest sister the Airbus 380-800 series take over that market..

As part of the celebrations, on 21 August 2017, the Hong Kong –AYO- Asian Youth Orchestra was flown over in with Cathy Pacific, Hong Kong Economic & Trade Office also Airbus,  In with Cathy Pacific’s A350 XWB newest aircraft with current more in production in Airbus France Toulouse aircraft factory, To perform with a special concert with its sponsors of the tour also with special guest…. In also celebrating that three decades in continuing partnerships together..

#Airbus | #A350XWB – One Hundredth Aircraft delivered… A Milestone…


During this season, on 26 July 2017 Airbus have already delivered it’s Milestone One hundredth Airbus 350 XWB series Aircraft with expected 847 deliveries orders to follow as Airlines start to implement on fleet replacement of their aging fleet.. In which China Airlines have taken its 100th Airbus 350 WXB Aircraft … in which has been proven against the Boeing 787 series..  With innovation for the quietness cabin noise, in which Cathy Pacific took the charge in obtaining the first orders to replace the Aging Boeing 747-400 fleet For a more fuel economically, advanced faster aircraft ….  So congratulations on your first milestone one hundredth Airbus 350XWB..