#Airbus #A350-1000 | #A350XWB #MSN065- travelling adventuring in three weeks Demonstration world tour….


As Qatar Airways takes their first order of their first maiden Airbus 350 XWB-1000 series aircraft out of a planned thirty seven in ordered today 20th February 2018 at the Airbus Delivery Center in Toulouse France it was ceremony officially handed over from Manufacture to Carrier in which previously it was featured in the Singapore Air Show.. in which during this later month of February 2018 it flown for a world tour starting from Oman then towards landing in night time Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong, then it Arrived in a very rain out Auckland Monday on the 12th February 2018… in various members from different airlines, media also invited guest was to sample the A350-1000 series capabilities with the new innovation in interior design Airspace in creating a new standard of comfort that’s begin introduced into the Airbus 380plus..  With wider seating, high ceilings with a next generation of inflight environmental controls to ensure passenger comfort… in which invited guest of various assortments were to see the very back bone as the Demonstrator MSN065 what it has the capabilities to do more than the Boeing 787 Boeing 777 next generation series with a powerful quieter Roll Royce Trent 1000…….with a seven meter extension than the Airbus 350-900 series giving it at 73.78 meters long

Traveling twelve cities within three weeks stretching sixty four thousand Kilometers with ten thousand people checking in to see the A350-1000, with those twelve cities Doha, Muscat, Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong, Seoul, Taipei, Hanoi, Singapore, Bangkok, Sydney, Auckland, Tokyo, Manila, within twenty four flights, in obtaining eighty seven flight hours…..

#AIRBUS #A330NeoFF |#FWW #MSN1795- first Milestone flight for certification on 19 October 2017 France….


On the 19th October 2017, from France, Toulouse – Blagnac Airport, is the first flight of the #FWW #MSN1795 is also the Long Haul airliner of Airbus 330Neo in which the first flight is the certification out from a set of three certification testing out from three A330Neo constructed in which testing flight, cabin also the electronics systems of the A330Neo..

The certification begins with the A330neo team of six test pilots crew, Thomas Wilhelm, preparing for the morning with the flight testing details in which preparation for any flight is important… In which the test flight preparations started earlier in which to get to know new aircraft with simulations in which testing out tweaking any issues in which the test flight went as smooth as given the previous weather …  as with the testing team in the control room to monitor all flight data during the test flight in which asses any changes that may need in the production model..

The Airbus 330neo with the standard wing span of 64 meters comes in two series the 800 in which the 800 is length wise of 58.2 meters with the extend range of 13,900 Kilometers with a typical seating of 257 passengers, the 900 series is 63.66 meters long with a short range of 12,130 Kilometer range due to additional in length also weight..  Although it from the A330 series, it’s  a whole new aircraft series in its own right which means it features most of the taken design elements form the A350 XWB, A380 series with the cabin Airspace  technologies with the next generation of comfort, ambiances services and design… among with its features it has 3.7 meters  Sharklets in which features the aircraft wings, also the aircraft to reducing the drag also fuel consumption while increasing lift…

It’s a whole new aircraft design in which it seemingly pencil dress sleeker than the previous A330’s in which with the new wing designs inheriting most of the A350 XWB design elements with a larger Roll Royce Trent 7000 series engine given a different engine nacelles.. Inheriting most of the A350XWB’s designs is the wider seating with eighteen inches wider… with identical standard displays in the cockpit in which makes It efficiency in translating from one series to another without having to relearn the functionally..

#AIRBUS | #A320 PAS – Featuring the new #Airspace cabin……..


As Airliners move towards from the industrial to more organic environmental interior designs, with the softer round ergonomically nature in mind…. In which to simulate the nature’s environments like that you’re back with the comforts back at home…. One Innovative features of many that’s being applied in the Airbus 320 PAS Airspace Cabin, is the Mood lighting in which to simulate sunlight throughout the day from sunrise to sunset in that provisionment is the introduction of Mood lighting…  Also a part of newest developments of the Airbus 320– PAS Airspace is the redesign of the cabin windows in which to allow more external lighting with natural light… also with more passenger comfort in mind to allow more of scenic viewing…

Other Innovations is the more carry on luggage space in which has been widening also the cabin width space to allow more seating comfort space… aswell the business class does comes with flatbed seating arrangements for long haul flights.. However the Airspace Cabin interior is customization to the airliner needs..