#CathayPacific #國泰航空公司 #July2022 #November2022 |#國泰航空  # 國泰故事:#準備再起航 #CathayPacificStories #Reactivation Preparing for Take-off to returning back to service..

During this month 2022 July Cathay Pacific Is gearing up progressively is bring the fleet back home to Hong Kong SAR –China – People’s Republic of China from an idle storage Alice Springs desert for quite some time, in which was store  Throughout the pandemic, ensuring our passengers’ safety has always been our priority. A significant part of this effort came in keeping idle aircraft in the Alice Springs desert protected and fly ready.

Gear up and ready to go, we’re ready to take to the skies again! With the continuous relaxation of global travel policies, 猫泰泰航 has resumed flights to more destinations and increased the number of flights, adding about 3,000 passenger flights between October and the end of December, providing passengers with more convenient travel options. Behind the flight’s return to the sky is the result of the joint efforts of our frontline and logistics colleagues. More than 250 of our colleagues conduct a thorough safety check for each flight back to Hong Kong, conduct a comprehensive deep cleaning of the cabin, update the functions of the seats and entertainment systems, replace seat covers and carpets, etc., and strive to create a better environment for passengers. A safe and comfortable cabin environment. We have been striving for excellence, hoping to bring passengers a more excellent flight experience, and continue to connect you to the world!

With a large reduction to our flight schedule, we protected more than 70 of our planes in Alice Springs, in the Australian desert. Pearl Sau, Line Maintenance Operations Manager and Benjamin Connell, Regional Engineering Manager Southwest Pacific, explain how our teams took on this unprecedented challenge. Now, we are bringing the fleet home to continue their next journey. How do we manage this unprecedented operation involving over 70% of our planes? With lots of planning, coordination, and even more heart….

Images and visuals are of Cathay Pacific Airways

#AlreadyTomorrowInHongKong #CathayPacific #國泰航空公司 | Flying nonstop flights with #CathayPacificAirways #Airbus #A350K #FlyCathayA35K from #HongKong #DirectToWashingtonDC #IAD2HKG …….

Cathay Pacific Airways newest route Non Stop IAD- Washington DC -towards Hong Kong..


As Cathay Pacific Airway’s new sisters of Airbus 350XWB -1000 series fleet comes into shape in creating that fleet of direct flights from Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong Hong Kong International Airport towards United States Capital – Washington DC, IAD- Washington Dulles International Airport… In which that fleet composed of least twenty servicing that required dedicated flight path..

As that introduction in celebrating Direct to Washington DC, from Hong Kong, Cathay Pacific Airways celebrated at Hong Kong Central with the CBB-Hong Kong 2018 wine and dine festival, introducing what’s to come with the Direct to Washington DC with Spot prizes, treats, with iconic beverages of the flight experiences with virtual reality of Cathay Pacific new cabin experiences, also the flight cockpit… with the wonderful flight attendants crew..

Starting Non Stop flights to Hong Kong from 16th September 2018, Among that officially celebrating the new direct flight route in Washington DC, introducing live on 20th September 2018, at gate number three on flight CX 860, in Hong Kong International Airport in which was flight departure time at 1755 Hong Kong Time, with spot first flight memorabilia commemorating the flight given towards the passengers of that first flight….

Featuring 4th October 2018… that flight from Dulles International Airport on Cathay Pacific longest route celebrating with a massive shout out to the team of Cathay Pacific in making the campaign a success, with good luck lion dancing, entertainment, also interesting swags, before boarding the new Airbus 350WXB -1000 “B-LXB “Within the new aircraft is the new interior featuring business-premium economy- economy class, class seating..  With the a new seating interior supplier to cater the required new needs of the CX’s Airbus 350 XWB-1000 series, also Airbus’s state of art entertainments  center in with catering with awarding products, also internet – Wi-Fi Connectivity…


#AIRBUS #A330NeoFF |#FWW #MSN1795- first Milestone flight for certification on 19 October 2017 France….


On the 19th October 2017, from France, Toulouse – Blagnac Airport, is the first flight of the #FWW #MSN1795 is also the Long Haul airliner of Airbus 330Neo in which the first flight is the certification out from a set of three certification testing out from three A330Neo constructed in which testing flight, cabin also the electronics systems of the A330Neo..

The certification begins with the A330neo team of six test pilots crew, Thomas Wilhelm, preparing for the morning with the flight testing details in which preparation for any flight is important… In which the test flight preparations started earlier in which to get to know new aircraft with simulations in which testing out tweaking any issues in which the test flight went as smooth as given the previous weather …  as with the testing team in the control room to monitor all flight data during the test flight in which asses any changes that may need in the production model..

The Airbus 330neo with the standard wing span of 64 meters comes in two series the 800 in which the 800 is length wise of 58.2 meters with the extend range of 13,900 Kilometers with a typical seating of 257 passengers, the 900 series is 63.66 meters long with a short range of 12,130 Kilometer range due to additional in length also weight..  Although it from the A330 series, it’s  a whole new aircraft series in its own right which means it features most of the taken design elements form the A350 XWB, A380 series with the cabin Airspace  technologies with the next generation of comfort, ambiances services and design… among with its features it has 3.7 meters  Sharklets in which features the aircraft wings, also the aircraft to reducing the drag also fuel consumption while increasing lift…

It’s a whole new aircraft design in which it seemingly pencil dress sleeker than the previous A330’s in which with the new wing designs inheriting most of the A350 XWB design elements with a larger Roll Royce Trent 7000 series engine given a different engine nacelles.. Inheriting most of the A350XWB’s designs is the wider seating with eighteen inches wider… with identical standard displays in the cockpit in which makes It efficiency in translating from one series to another without having to relearn the functionally..

#AIRBUS #A350XWB | Air Caraibes first A350-900XWB…..

During the month 28th February 2017, “Air Caraibes” took the keys on receiving its first “Airbus 350-900 XWB” into its airline fleet onto becoming its eleventh customer for Airbus for the newly environmentally friendly wide body aircraft… among that the ceremony was held at Toulouse France, in where the main Airbus assembly line is located…  Among the ceremony there were management representatives from Air Carabires, AerCap, and Rolls Royce…

Just before the ceremony, the first A350-900 XWB – Air Caraibes, was constructed, Assembled in Airbus Toulouse assembly plant.. in which the various parts, sections of the fuselage are imported from various manufacturing sections of Europe… in which is transported via through the fleet of  Airbus Beluga’s as its assemble with precision, taking shape with wings, tail, and  rudder .. With all the installations internally and externally, then taking into Airbus paint shop with the Air Caraibes livery painted then its flight tested, certified then presented at the awaiting ceremony.. .


#AIRBUS #A350-1000 | the second testing of #MSN059 – Dynamic Ground testing..

Just recently “Airbus” did a ground dynamic testing…  On a newly constructed “Airbus 350-1000″, F-WML 0059- MSN0059  in which the initial testing in the series in which had its maiden flight on the 24th November 2016, in which the first testing was done on for its certification process…  in this the first A350-1000 (MSN059) was used in the process of ground vibration testing.. in which to measure, data analysis the aircraft Dynamic behaviour in which the physical dynamic testing demonstrates the in between the theoretical model versa the physical model on various given intense situations of flight environments, manoeuvring, flying into a gale force winds during various situations of take-off and landing in which this certification process takes up nine days in which the previous version the A350-900… however with new refined  testing techniques  the certification process takes up two days in which a Multifunction Commercial aircraft team from different domains  was set up to reduce the time of  certification process for the airworthiness Authorities……

In which three testing Airbus 350-1000 are built during the first test flight Airbus 350-1000 (MSN059) it had all the testing it was design to test the engine and flight systems, the following second test Airbus 350-1000 (MSN060) in which is testing for the Aircraft wiring, electrical systems, in which the third testing Airbus 350-1000 (MSN065) is testing for the cabined pressure equipment, also interior..

The Airbus 350-1000 series have a capability range of 7,950 nautical miles in which is designed for high efficiency, performance also highest degree of passenger comfort to three classes accommodating economy premium, first and business classes, also its build on top of its successful design heritage the Airbus 350-900 series… In which the dual engines are of Rolls Royce Trent XWB-97 turboprop engines… once verification certification of the Airbus 350-1000 have been finalized it’ll begin manufacturing inwardly within the second half year of 2017 with pre-orders..