#AIRBUS #A350XWB | Air Caraibes first A350-900XWB…..

During the month 28th February 2017, “Air Caraibes” took the keys on receiving its first “Airbus 350-900 XWB” into its airline fleet onto becoming its eleventh customer for Airbus for the newly environmentally friendly wide body aircraft… among that the ceremony was held at Toulouse France, in where the main Airbus assembly line is located…  Among the ceremony there were management representatives from Air Carabires, AerCap, and Rolls Royce…

Just before the ceremony, the first A350-900 XWB – Air Caraibes, was constructed, Assembled in Airbus Toulouse assembly plant.. in which the various parts, sections of the fuselage are imported from various manufacturing sections of Europe… in which is transported via through the fleet of  Airbus Beluga’s as its assemble with precision, taking shape with wings, tail, and  rudder .. With all the installations internally and externally, then taking into Airbus paint shop with the Air Caraibes livery painted then its flight tested, certified then presented at the awaiting ceremony.. .


AIRBUS | A350 XWB – one cool formation flight test…?

On providing day on 29 September 2014 as impressive formation flying as when the Airbus did with the “Beluga” and with the Aero Aerobatic team from the French Air Force… doing the Patrouille de France. Also on that month, the Team at Airbus took to the skies instead of using smaller fighter Aerobatic Aircraft they used five “Airbus 350 XWB” heavy aircraft to performing the like of swan lake ballet flying maneuvers also celebrating of getting that certification from the European Aviation Safety Agency…  in this the team was brief on the pre-flight operations preparations then it was out in air in flying in delta formation flight like an array of Lancaster bombers celebrating..

AIRBUS | formation flying with a Beluga- special anniversary coming up…?

On the month of September 2014, it’s the very special twentieth anniversary of the Airbus Beluga in service…. To celebrate that event it’s in preparation is, in a one off event, timely coordinated is formation flying with the Aero Aerobatic team from the French Air Force “Patrouille de France“… sharing the skies in filming for the event… knowing that the Airbus Beluga is a heavily modified Airbus 300-600T, that has been in a great service to transport many goods and parts in the manufacturing of many great Airbus Aircraft..  So on that date… It going to be interesting what’s installs for the anniversary service of the Beluga…?