AIRBUS | A350 XWB – one cool formation flight test…?

On providing day on 29 September 2014 as impressive formation flying as when the Airbus did with the “Beluga” and with the Aero Aerobatic team from the French Air Force… doing the Patrouille de France. Also on that month, the Team at Airbus took to the skies instead of using smaller fighter Aerobatic Aircraft they used five “Airbus 350 XWB” heavy aircraft to performing the like of swan lake ballet flying maneuvers also celebrating of getting that certification from the European Aviation Safety Agency…  in this the team was brief on the pre-flight operations preparations then it was out in air in flying in delta formation flight like an array of Lancaster bombers celebrating..

AIRBUS | A350 XWB test aircraft-MSN002- receives a special Livery…?

As the Boeing 787 is constructed majority out from carbon fibre, so it’s equal also the “Airbus” 350 XWB, being constructed out from Advanced materials as the composite materials also fifty three its airframe including its fuselage  is made from Carbon fibre reinforce polymer that is known as CFRP…

Given the celebration of MSN002, as a flight test vehicle just finished been assembled, it’s the first Airbus carbon-fibre fuselage aircraft.. in this we see one of the most complex livery signatures with various of layers in bringing out that carbon fibre black, grey and white process woven look through various template stencils, masking, and paint process like how doing the  West coast customs…Airbus’ Toulouse, France paint shop