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Every choice a pilot makes impacts the safety of everyone on board. If you’re passionate about flying and have a real sense of responsibility, sign up now and become a future captain. Join us at Cathay Pacific….

機師每一秒嘅決定,都連繫住機上所有人嘅安全。如果你對飛行有熱誠又有責任感,就要即刻報名,be a future captain! 加入國泰航空團

At Cathay Pacific, we’re proud to have been bringing people together for the past 75 years. Now with the skies finally clearing, we’re ready to take off once more – connecting people from across the globe with the people, places and experiences they love the most. There’s never been a more exciting time to join us.

Starting today, you can set your ambitions higher than ever before. There’s a whole world out there for you to explore – and with Cathay Pacific, it’s yours for the taking.

Future Captain Christina Ho – Cathay Pacific Pilot Let’s take off- the choices I make every second impact the safety of everyone onboard, Do I look over here? ….. Hi , I’m Christina, As a Pilot, I must ensure passengers arrive at their destination safely ….

Why did you choose to be a Cadet Pilot?   – I studied art, worked as a Designer, and was a flight attendant.  One time I sat in the jump seat and was Captivated by the pilot professional and stunning 270 degrees view. I was so moving that it motivated me to join the cadet programme ….. An emergency Landing experience… During my solo flight training and I remembered the weather was find weather that day, failure warning suddenly popped up after the plane took off.. I had to stay calm and stick with what I learnt …. Aviate – Navigate – Communicate – This experience reminded me that the choices I make every second impacted the safety of everyone onboard ..

If you’re Passionate about flying and have a sense of responsibility, sign up now..

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#CathayPacific #國泰航空公司 #July2022 #November2022 |#國泰航空  # 國泰故事:#準備再起航 #CathayPacificStories #Reactivation Preparing for Take-off to returning back to service..

During this month 2022 July Cathay Pacific Is gearing up progressively is bring the fleet back home to Hong Kong SAR –China – People’s Republic of China from an idle storage Alice Springs desert for quite some time, in which was store  Throughout the pandemic, ensuring our passengers’ safety has always been our priority. A significant part of this effort came in keeping idle aircraft in the Alice Springs desert protected and fly ready.

Gear up and ready to go, we’re ready to take to the skies again! With the continuous relaxation of global travel policies, 猫泰泰航 has resumed flights to more destinations and increased the number of flights, adding about 3,000 passenger flights between October and the end of December, providing passengers with more convenient travel options. Behind the flight’s return to the sky is the result of the joint efforts of our frontline and logistics colleagues. More than 250 of our colleagues conduct a thorough safety check for each flight back to Hong Kong, conduct a comprehensive deep cleaning of the cabin, update the functions of the seats and entertainment systems, replace seat covers and carpets, etc., and strive to create a better environment for passengers. A safe and comfortable cabin environment. We have been striving for excellence, hoping to bring passengers a more excellent flight experience, and continue to connect you to the world!

With a large reduction to our flight schedule, we protected more than 70 of our planes in Alice Springs, in the Australian desert. Pearl Sau, Line Maintenance Operations Manager and Benjamin Connell, Regional Engineering Manager Southwest Pacific, explain how our teams took on this unprecedented challenge. Now, we are bringing the fleet home to continue their next journey. How do we manage this unprecedented operation involving over 70% of our planes? With lots of planning, coordination, and even more heart….

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#CathayPacific #國泰航空公司 #December2021 |#國泰航空  #CathayPacificCargo helps East Rows West take on Atlantic Challenge 國泰貨運協助East Rows West賽艇隊參與大西洋挑戰賽

Cathay Pacific Cargo helps East Rows West take on Atlantic Challenge 國泰貨運協助East Rows West賽艇隊參與大西洋挑戰賽

Every shipment matters at Cathay Pacific Cargo. That’s why we went the extra mile for the Hong Kong ocean-rowing team, East Rows West. Their dream was to take on the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge, the world’s toughest row, to raise funds for ChildFund Rugby. However, logistical difficulties nearly prevented them from even making the starting line. As Hong Kong’s home carrier, we stepped up and transported their vessel carefully on one of our Boeing 747 freighters. Thanks to everyone’s swift action, East Rows West made the race successfully and embarked on their epic row across the Atlantic Ocean. With every stroke, they’ll raise money for children in vulnerable communities, providing more opportunities to play, learn, and grow through sports. We wish the team the best of luck on this endeavour of a lifetime.

The world toughest Row…. 40 Days.. three Adventurers.. One Boat, Martin Muller – Rower, So with Covid 19 having hit Hong Kong SAR –China – People’s Republic of China and life changing this Challenge really Appealed to me in a way. It was a way to do something completely unique and something really rewarding in a really difficult time. None of us had ever rowed before in their lives So doing this was something that we saw as a huge challenge. So  the Race itself obviously is huge undertaking…… Robert Lennox- Rower .. .. We’re going to be out on the ocean for 35-40 days.. Matt Bell – Rower .. This is Training for something that you’re putting your body through day in Day out for over a month….

The boat is 26 foot long, Looks a bit like a giant bathtub.. everything we need to navigate, to sleep .. To get in contact with people is all on that boat. Our entire lives will be contained in that 26 feet for over a month… The stress of watching the boat go from port to port trying to make it to the start line would have been incredibly stressful and one delay in a port could have ruined this entire 18 months of preparation and everything for us..   

Tom Own – Director Cargo-Cathay Pacific Cargo- We were approached by these three adventurers form Hong Kong who were having great problems in working out how to send this boat across to the start point for the race.  This big boat they had to support a charity race across the Atlantic.. And we thought if they can’t send it by sea on the long sea route then why not send it by air… this boat’s over nine meters long , 2,300 Kg, Most Importantly, made of Carbon fibre. So it required really delicate handling….. We Used out Expert LIFT product  because for us every shipment matters, And we Loaded it through the nose of the aircraft to make sure there was absolutely no damage and it was secured safely and securely during its flight with padding and all sorts of other extra measures ….

When Cathay came onboard and told us they would ship the boat we were just over the moon, it’s actually quite difficult to put everything in perspective and to understand the enormity of what we’re going to through , We’ve been talking about this experience for so long  we now want to really get out there and have it …..

國泰貨運相信每趟運輸旅程都有獨特意義,早前我們決定為East Rows West賽艇隊多行一步。賽艇隊的三名選手夢想參加Talisker威士忌大西洋挑戰賽,同時藉此為慈善機構ChildFund Rugby籌款,可惜遇上全球貨運供應鏈停頓,幾乎無緣比賽。以港為家的國泰貨運得悉他們的窘境後,提出支持賽艇隊繼續作賽,動用了波音747貨機,將他們的賽艇安全穩妥地送到起航點。經過團隊的努力,賽艇隊早前已開始了這項最具挑戰性的賽事,籌款為弱勢兒童提供玩耍、學習和成長的機會。在此,我們祝願East Rows West賽艇隊能順利取得佳績。

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#CathayPacific #國泰航空公司 #August2021 | #國泰航空 #CathayCare #MoveBeyond flying confidently with #CathayPacificAirways Featuring the all new our new #Airbus #A321neo aircraft: The flying experience, reimagined #全新空中巴士A321neo #客機 改寫飛行體驗…..

Cathay Pacific國泰航空公司the world’s leading airliner…. Introducing Cathay Care before you flight Cathay Care is our commitment to your wellbeing. We understand your concerns, and have introduced enhanced measures across every stage of the journey – from check-in to the cabin – so you can take off with confidence… in which introducing its brand new Airbus A321Neo or the A32Q in reimagination of the world’s most enjoyable short haul experience .. Featuring all new enhance comfort and privacy..  With introduction of the World’s leading 4K Ultra HD monitors and Content integrating that multipurpose entertainment systems is Bluetooth audio streaming..  As the for more storage spacing increasing sixty percent more storage space…  As for green engines with twenty two percent less carbon emissions per seat…  In providing the thrill of travel heightens the moment you set foot on a plane. Our new Airbus A321neo aircraft redefines air travel, providing passengers with the world’s most enjoyable short-haul experience. Watch the video and discover how we make it happen. Get set for take-off…..

Uncompromising comfort

Stretch out at your leisure in the A321neo’s Business cabin. Our cocoon-like recliner seats feature divider screens for maximum privacy. Don our noise-cancelling headphones to browse our extensive media library on a 4K ultra-high-definition 15.6-inch screen.

 In the Economy cabin, recline comfortably and enjoy our new adjustable headrests as you take in the latest blockbusters on our 11.6-inch 4K personal TV screen. Personal devices can be charged on easily accessible USB-A and USB-C points. We’ve also added an additional lavatory to the cabin to cut back on those pre-landing queues.

 New LED lighting throughout the cabins sets the mood for a calm, laid-back flight.

World’s leading inflight entertainment 

We are the first airline in the world to offer 4K ultra-high-definition inflight entertainment screens, featuring 4K on demand and Bluetooth audio* streaming across all cabins in our Airbus A321neo.  Use your own personal headphones, sit back and watch the latest Hollywood hits, binge full box sets and access the largest collection of Chinese films and subtitles in the skies. 

With a refreshed library of games and high-speed Wi-Fi on board,* you’ll stay entertained your whole flight. 

*Progressively introduced on aircraft

Headphones pictured are for reference only; please bring your own Bluetooth device to enjoy our new pairing capability.

Godzilla vs. Kong: © 2021 Legendary and WBEI. GODZILLA TM & © Toho Co., Ltd.

Spacious storage

Space-conscious design ensure there’s more room for your travel essentials. Extra-large overhead bins can fit eight carry-on bags comfortably – 60 per cent more than before – so you’ll always have room to stow your belongings.

There’s also a wealth of thoughtful personal storage options. Both Business and Economy Class seats feature seat cup and bottle holders, as well as integrated stands for tablets and personal devices.

Hygiene at every step

Our brand-new A321neo aircraft features high-tech HEPA ventilation technology to ensure the highest air quality possible. We employ vigorous disinfection and cleaning measures to ensure our cabins are thoroughly sanitised ahead of every journey.

Keeping our cabins clean and safe is a core part of our commitment to protecting your wellbeing.

Improved efficiency

Thanks to their elegant winglets and advanced LEAP engines, our Airbus A321neo aircraft are more efficient than ever, delivering a 22 per cent reduction in CO2 emissions per seat and a 55 per cent reduction in NOx emissions when compared to the previous A321.

They’re quieter too, creating almost 15 per cent less noise than existing aircraft. This means a more comfortable experience for you – and makes us a better neighbour, in the skies and on the ground.

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#CathayPacific #國泰航空公司 |#紐約 #NewYork #FoodItinerary #OriginalSeries – where to find the best innovative east coast sweets with #CathayPacificAirways #iconic #FlightAttendants #Julia …..

Cathay Pacific Airways is coming out with always innovative interesting original travelling tips, in which the awesome international Iconic Cathay Pacific Airways cabin crew have been offering their travelling tips also favourite haunts with previously of Starlet, Phoebe Miu, Tink, also Isabel helping out on sharing their Travelling life Well Travelled experiences  ….

As those Lives well traveling experiences translated through Cathay Pacific Airways Flight attendant Julia as she guides you towards a Sweet tooth desert food culture in New York City home of one of many cities that never sleeps, also Television series Friends also Sex and the City….  In which those desert food culture has so many crazy sweet tooth choices with cookies, cakes and deserts..  The “Levain Bakery-Harlem” has a serious reputation to hold of making the one of the best cookies on the planet in which it as numerous locations around the city of apple, in which there cookie collection is at abundances of flavouring among with their breads… One thing it’s their famous delicious “Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookie” the cookies are made fresh everyday on the spot at the store with a very classified recipe also ingredients, with that super moist chewy centre …

Given you have a sweet spot for Ice Creams it’sLucky Pickle Dumpling Co. – Upper West Side in which their signature desert is an actual pickle soft serve, the actual is cucumber juice soft serve with a hint of pickle brine with garnishing’s of pickle chip gives a kick towards the flavourings….

For an innovative Desert it’s the “Milk Bar-Upper West Side in which its speciality is its Birthday Cake, the cake is full of vanilla, rainbow sprinkles, with cake crumbs with vanilla frostings in it took the Team Milk Bar three years to perfect the cake..  next is the Korean Restaurant  “Oiji- East Village”  has the most very innovative mouth tasting intriguing desert in New York.. in which Honey flavouring deserts are their specialities with their super crispy Honey Butter Chips in laced with their in store honey sticky sauce .. in which is a balance of sweet, savoury and spicy in which is their trademark with a dashing of vanilla ice cream

For more ice cream is the Banana Pudding at “Magnolia Bakery – West Village” in which is known to have the best deserts in New York City with their iconic Banana Pudding  in which consist of Vanilla Waivers, Fresh bananas, Vanilla Pudding, Sweet Condense milk with a mixture of heavy cream In which makes the pudding silky smooth delicate ….. In which the famous aftertaste of New York is its doughnut, in which its famous Crème Brulee Doughnut “Doughnut Plant- Soho” in which they take an innovative unique approach on the Doughnut… In which is filled with signature vanilla bean custard with a flame torched sugary coating which sweets the pastry  in which fuses the sticky taste on the Doughnut ….