#CathayPacific #國泰航空公司 #December2021 |#國泰航空  #CathayPacificCargo helps East Rows West take on Atlantic Challenge 國泰貨運協助East Rows West賽艇隊參與大西洋挑戰賽

Cathay Pacific Cargo helps East Rows West take on Atlantic Challenge 國泰貨運協助East Rows West賽艇隊參與大西洋挑戰賽

Every shipment matters at Cathay Pacific Cargo. That’s why we went the extra mile for the Hong Kong ocean-rowing team, East Rows West. Their dream was to take on the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge, the world’s toughest row, to raise funds for ChildFund Rugby. However, logistical difficulties nearly prevented them from even making the starting line. As Hong Kong’s home carrier, we stepped up and transported their vessel carefully on one of our Boeing 747 freighters. Thanks to everyone’s swift action, East Rows West made the race successfully and embarked on their epic row across the Atlantic Ocean. With every stroke, they’ll raise money for children in vulnerable communities, providing more opportunities to play, learn, and grow through sports. We wish the team the best of luck on this endeavour of a lifetime.

The world toughest Row…. 40 Days.. three Adventurers.. One Boat, Martin Muller – Rower, So with Covid 19 having hit Hong Kong SAR –China – People’s Republic of China and life changing this Challenge really Appealed to me in a way. It was a way to do something completely unique and something really rewarding in a really difficult time. None of us had ever rowed before in their lives So doing this was something that we saw as a huge challenge. So  the Race itself obviously is huge undertaking…… Robert Lennox- Rower .. .. We’re going to be out on the ocean for 35-40 days.. Matt Bell – Rower .. This is Training for something that you’re putting your body through day in Day out for over a month….

The boat is 26 foot long, Looks a bit like a giant bathtub.. everything we need to navigate, to sleep .. To get in contact with people is all on that boat. Our entire lives will be contained in that 26 feet for over a month… The stress of watching the boat go from port to port trying to make it to the start line would have been incredibly stressful and one delay in a port could have ruined this entire 18 months of preparation and everything for us..   

Tom Own – Director Cargo-Cathay Pacific Cargo- We were approached by these three adventurers form Hong Kong who were having great problems in working out how to send this boat across to the start point for the race.  This big boat they had to support a charity race across the Atlantic.. And we thought if they can’t send it by sea on the long sea route then why not send it by air… this boat’s over nine meters long , 2,300 Kg, Most Importantly, made of Carbon fibre. So it required really delicate handling….. We Used out Expert LIFT product  because for us every shipment matters, And we Loaded it through the nose of the aircraft to make sure there was absolutely no damage and it was secured safely and securely during its flight with padding and all sorts of other extra measures ….

When Cathay came onboard and told us they would ship the boat we were just over the moon, it’s actually quite difficult to put everything in perspective and to understand the enormity of what we’re going to through , We’ve been talking about this experience for so long  we now want to really get out there and have it …..

國泰貨運相信每趟運輸旅程都有獨特意義,早前我們決定為East Rows West賽艇隊多行一步。賽艇隊的三名選手夢想參加Talisker威士忌大西洋挑戰賽,同時藉此為慈善機構ChildFund Rugby籌款,可惜遇上全球貨運供應鏈停頓,幾乎無緣比賽。以港為家的國泰貨運得悉他們的窘境後,提出支持賽艇隊繼續作賽,動用了波音747貨機,將他們的賽艇安全穩妥地送到起航點。經過團隊的努力,賽艇隊早前已開始了這項最具挑戰性的賽事,籌款為弱勢兒童提供玩耍、學習和成長的機會。在此,我們祝願East Rows West賽艇隊能順利取得佳績。

Images and visuals are of Cathay Pacific Airways

#AlreadyTomorrowInHongKong #香港 #HongKong | #香港國際機場 #HKIA #HongKongInternationalAirport- Worlds leader in #IATA #CEIV #PerishableGoods #AirCargo- From #InternationalCityAirport towards #InternationalAirportCity…

In Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong.. Hong Kong is a paradise for food lovers, where they can enjoy gourmet foods, like Sashimi from Japan, Live lobsters from Northern America, Oysters from Australia and fine wine wines from Europe anytime … Hong Kong International Airport enjoys a strategic geographical location with its excellent connection to more than two hundred twenty destinations across the globe …. HKIA can also help transport fresh products to major regional cites through its extensive transshipment network..

To maintain freshness, HKIA provides special handling services and dedicated facilities for perishable cargo …. For example, HKIA is providing more than thirty cool dollies for seamless, temperature- controlled transportation within the airport and planning to build apron shelters at a number of ramp locations to protect perishables cargo from weather elements … In March 2019, HKIA became the first airport community in the world..  to receive IATA CEIV fresh Certification within Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals, with HACTL, Cathay Pacific Services LTD, Cathay Pacific Cargo..  Leading the ways of pioneering high handling standards for perishable cargoes ….

The Cargo terminals offer cold rooms set at different temperatures for various kinds of perishable cargoes They also have dedicated areas handling procedures, to expedited the release of perishable cargo to customers. Most of the Perishable goods will be available for pickup normally in sixty minutes after the flight arrives … the streamlined operations of the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department and Customs and Excise Departments of Hong Kong Government Contribute to efficient handling of perishable cargo while also ensuring compliance and food safety…..HKIA- Hong Kong International Airport strives to provide high quality specialties services for perishable cargoes….

#AlreadyTomorrowInHongKong #香港 #HongKong | #香港國際機場 #HKIA #HongKongInternationalAirport- Worlds leader in #AirCargo- From #InternationalCityAirport towards #InternationalAirportCity…

World’s leading International Airport City, _ Hong Kong International Airport I Cathay Pacific Airways Photographer @KevinJamesNg

In Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong, there’s a generation HKIA – Hong Kong International Airport whom lived grew up with throughout the twenty years of the world’s Award leading Aviation Hubs has Hong Kong transition from the old Kai Tak international Airport to the new International Airport Chek Lap Kok – Hong Kong International Airport in which is named after its Chief Architect….. In which is both international airports…

Since its hallmark opening in 1998 Hong Kong International Airport has been ground breaking trending developing as one of the world’s leading, innovating  international Hubs with a global massive diverse aviation hubs for the busiest passenger airports but also the Number one Cargo international Airport …. Also HKIA has provides a unlimited massive economic growth within and outside the Pearl Delta river… as it also imports, exports expands within the local economy of the HKIA. Also the Hong Kong region grows exponentially in connecting industries also lives also it’s the third busiest international airport with more than seventy two million passengers than it previous handle at its Kai Tak international Airport Days of twenty five million passengers..  Handling over five million tonnes of cargo and airmail yearly…

As with her storyline young Kai Tak towards Chek Lap Kok – Hong Kong International Airport- growing up with her as her aspirations looking up of becoming a Hong Kong trend setting fashion designer also an entrepreneur, start-up in which her online store depends on the inter freight communities that the Airport delivers her fashion collection to the world by e-commerce both reliant in providing that successive growth..

Air Cargo is an integral part of the Airport City Development of Hong Kong International Airport, HKIA has been ranked the world’s busiest cargo airport for nine consecutive years.. In 2018, it handled over more five point one million tonnes of Cargo.. In the Coming years we will strengthen our cargo capabilities with three strategic focuses..

1 Seizing E-Commerce Opportunities – we will capture the cross boundary e-commerce opportunities by expanding enhancing our facilities. The DHL Central Hub will increase its handing capacity by more than fifty percent…. To process express and small parcels driven by e-commerce … in which a new premium logistic centre covering five point three hectares is being built – Alibaba’s Smart Hub for Asia- Equipped with the latest technologies, it will be the third largest premium warehouse in Hong Kong..

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2 High value Cargo Hub.. Meanwhile we are targeting the high-end, High Value cargo business.. Hong Kong International Airport has been accredited by IATA CEIV Pharma Partner Airport – Pharma- Aero Strategic Airport Member also the IATA- International Air Transport Association for it’s competency in handling temperature controlled pharmaceutical products …. In early 2019, we also obtained the world’s first IATA Centre for Excellences for Perishable Logistics certification – World’s first IATA CEIV Fresh partner Airport…. In which has affirmed our capability in handling high value perishable products..

3 Enhancing Regional Cargo Services.. In we will enhance regional cargo services by developing cross boundary transhipment so as to tap the economic development in the Greater Bay Area.. “