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Every choice a pilot makes impacts the safety of everyone on board. If you’re passionate about flying and have a real sense of responsibility, sign up now and become a future captain. Join us at Cathay Pacific….

機師每一秒嘅決定,都連繫住機上所有人嘅安全。如果你對飛行有熱誠又有責任感,就要即刻報名,be a future captain! 加入國泰航空團

At Cathay Pacific, we’re proud to have been bringing people together for the past 75 years. Now with the skies finally clearing, we’re ready to take off once more – connecting people from across the globe with the people, places and experiences they love the most. There’s never been a more exciting time to join us.

Starting today, you can set your ambitions higher than ever before. There’s a whole world out there for you to explore – and with Cathay Pacific, it’s yours for the taking.

Future Captain Christina Ho – Cathay Pacific Pilot Let’s take off- the choices I make every second impact the safety of everyone onboard, Do I look over here? ….. Hi , I’m Christina, As a Pilot, I must ensure passengers arrive at their destination safely ….

Why did you choose to be a Cadet Pilot?   – I studied art, worked as a Designer, and was a flight attendant.  One time I sat in the jump seat and was Captivated by the pilot professional and stunning 270 degrees view. I was so moving that it motivated me to join the cadet programme ….. An emergency Landing experience… During my solo flight training and I remembered the weather was find weather that day, failure warning suddenly popped up after the plane took off.. I had to stay calm and stick with what I learnt …. Aviate – Navigate – Communicate – This experience reminded me that the choices I make every second impacted the safety of everyone onboard ..

If you’re Passionate about flying and have a sense of responsibility, sign up now..

Images and visuals are of Cathay Pacific Airways

#AlreadyTomorrowInHongKong #香港 #HongKong | #香港國際機場 #HKIA #HongKongInternationalAirport- Worlds leader in #IATA #CEIV #PerishableGoods #AirCargo- From #InternationalCityAirport towards #InternationalAirportCity…

In Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong.. Hong Kong is a paradise for food lovers, where they can enjoy gourmet foods, like Sashimi from Japan, Live lobsters from Northern America, Oysters from Australia and fine wine wines from Europe anytime … Hong Kong International Airport enjoys a strategic geographical location with its excellent connection to more than two hundred twenty destinations across the globe …. HKIA can also help transport fresh products to major regional cites through its extensive transshipment network..

To maintain freshness, HKIA provides special handling services and dedicated facilities for perishable cargo …. For example, HKIA is providing more than thirty cool dollies for seamless, temperature- controlled transportation within the airport and planning to build apron shelters at a number of ramp locations to protect perishables cargo from weather elements … In March 2019, HKIA became the first airport community in the world..  to receive IATA CEIV fresh Certification within Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals, with HACTL, Cathay Pacific Services LTD, Cathay Pacific Cargo..  Leading the ways of pioneering high handling standards for perishable cargoes ….

The Cargo terminals offer cold rooms set at different temperatures for various kinds of perishable cargoes They also have dedicated areas handling procedures, to expedited the release of perishable cargo to customers. Most of the Perishable goods will be available for pickup normally in sixty minutes after the flight arrives … the streamlined operations of the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department and Customs and Excise Departments of Hong Kong Government Contribute to efficient handling of perishable cargo while also ensuring compliance and food safety…..HKIA- Hong Kong International Airport strives to provide high quality specialties services for perishable cargoes….