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Cathay Pacific Airways is coming out with always innovative interesting original travelling tips, in which the awesome international Iconic Cathay Pacific Airways cabin crew have been offering their travelling tips also favourite haunts with previously of Starlet, Phoebe Miu, Tink, also Isabel helping out on sharing their Travelling life Well Travelled experiences  ….

As those Lives well traveling experiences translated through Cathay Pacific Airways Flight attendant Julia as she guides you towards a Sweet tooth desert food culture in New York City home of one of many cities that never sleeps, also Television series Friends also Sex and the City….  In which those desert food culture has so many crazy sweet tooth choices with cookies, cakes and deserts..  The “Levain Bakery-Harlem” has a serious reputation to hold of making the one of the best cookies on the planet in which it as numerous locations around the city of apple, in which there cookie collection is at abundances of flavouring among with their breads… One thing it’s their famous delicious “Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookie” the cookies are made fresh everyday on the spot at the store with a very classified recipe also ingredients, with that super moist chewy centre …

Given you have a sweet spot for Ice Creams it’sLucky Pickle Dumpling Co. – Upper West Side in which their signature desert is an actual pickle soft serve, the actual is cucumber juice soft serve with a hint of pickle brine with garnishing’s of pickle chip gives a kick towards the flavourings….

For an innovative Desert it’s the “Milk Bar-Upper West Side in which its speciality is its Birthday Cake, the cake is full of vanilla, rainbow sprinkles, with cake crumbs with vanilla frostings in it took the Team Milk Bar three years to perfect the cake..  next is the Korean Restaurant  “Oiji- East Village”  has the most very innovative mouth tasting intriguing desert in New York.. in which Honey flavouring deserts are their specialities with their super crispy Honey Butter Chips in laced with their in store honey sticky sauce .. in which is a balance of sweet, savoury and spicy in which is their trademark with a dashing of vanilla ice cream

For more ice cream is the Banana Pudding at “Magnolia Bakery – West Village” in which is known to have the best deserts in New York City with their iconic Banana Pudding  in which consist of Vanilla Waivers, Fresh bananas, Vanilla Pudding, Sweet Condense milk with a mixture of heavy cream In which makes the pudding silky smooth delicate ….. In which the famous aftertaste of New York is its doughnut, in which its famous Crème Brulee Doughnut “Doughnut Plant- Soho” in which they take an innovative unique approach on the Doughnut… In which is filled with signature vanilla bean custard with a flame torched sugary coating which sweets the pastry  in which fuses the sticky taste on the Doughnut ….

#CathayPacific #國泰航空公司 | #CathayPacificAirways #OriginalSeries #FoodCulture adventuring in #Taipei #MustEatDishes #FoodItinerary – featuring photographer @PhoebeMiu

Remembering from the last time that Cathay Pacific Airways adventure through the streets of Bangkok in which their iconic cabin crew staff pick their favourite places, eateries in food culture adventuring in which Cathay Pacific cabin crew member Starlet featuring Starlet … well this case  it’s Taipei’s turn in showcasing their food culture .. Featuring Phoebe Miu – a Photographer, Professional Auditioner….

 Phoebe introduces the iconic Taipei city dishes also eateries to the must eat from the most expensive beef noodles… firstly it’s breakfast in which its Soy Milk King- Da’an District  which they cook in the most traditional breakfast dishes with deep fried bread sticks in which is named Youtiao or common known as the Chinese Doughnut…. Which is wrapped around in Shao Bing or wrapped scrambled eggs with various assortments of vegetables in which to company is the Salty soybean soup….

Onto the next adventure, is Ay-Chung- Wanhua District in which they sell only one type of meal – Flour Rice Noodle.. in which you could dress it up with various of source garnishes in between Garlic, Chilli, Vinegar in which the both soup is so delicious in which as shrimp creamy based with a soft silky noodles… in which another eatery  is Jin Feng- Zhong Zheng District in which they’re known for the iconic Braised pork rice dishes..  in which that Taiwanese most expensive beef noodles in which is price at Niu Ba Ba, – Neihu District, in where their beef is sourced from all over the world from Australia also the United States- in which this dish is call the Presidential Beef Noodle in which is price at ten thousand Taiwanese dollars … in which adventuring in Taipei you can’t miss the famous Bubble pearl milk bubble tea – Chung Shui Tang- Songshan District in which claims to invent bubble tea..

Following into evening Taipei night food culture takes on a different adventure with the Tonghua Night Market- Da’an District in which as the amazing street stall food, in which one dish to try is the Da Chang Bao Xiao Chang in which sausage wrapped in Bao, the second is the Peanut Brittle Ice Cream Spring Roll… in which is a perfect way to end the day..

#AlreadyTomorrowInHongKong #香港 | #CathayPacific #國泰航空公司 |#BestOfHongKong #OriginalSeries classic -innovative #BestBurgers in #HongKong featuring Dean TV…

In Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong, Cathay Pacific Airways is taking you on a culinary burger tour in Hong Kong is known for its international acclaimed  innovative iconic fusion foods in where East meet West.. In which it’s been innovating the burger since its introduction into Hong Kong… Featuring Dean TV, in which he samples the best burger dinners in Hong Kong from the Classic Cheese burgers towards with some innovative ones as exploring the streets, neighbourhoods of Hong Kong….

Beef and liberty, located in LKF- Lan- Kwai Fong, Stanley, Hong Kong International Airport … it’s also known for its protein based simulated beef burgers in which is called the impossible burger while still retaining its vegan aspects..

Honbo, Located in 6-7 Sun Street Wan Chai, Hong Kong... internationally known for its grass roots sourcements of local produce form Yuen Long’s Farming, artisans brewers communities for its vegetables also its bakery for its Potato Milk Buns in which is used in its burgers..   in which is only three minute walk from three Pacific place also in which an eight minute walk from MTR Admiralty station …

Burger Circus.. Located in 22 Hollywood Road, Central Hong Kong.. in which known for its nineteenth century Dinner star ferry tram car look interior with a with, also known with its inviting home grown burgers, fries, and side dishes accompanying with its in house shakes and classic cocktails..

W Burger … Located in Kowloon City,  5 Nam Kok Rd, Kowloon City, Hong Kong. Known for its Cantonese inspired burger instead with the traditional beef burger patties, its replace with an Cantonese placement of Char Siu beef egg burger, with a crispy sugary pineapple bun..