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Just recently “Airbus” did a ground dynamic testing…  On a newly constructed “Airbus 350-1000″, F-WML 0059- MSN0059  in which the initial testing in the series in which had its maiden flight on the 24th November 2016, in which the first testing was done on for its certification process…  in this the first A350-1000 (MSN059) was used …

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Only least within Twelve hours ago, it was the first maiden flight for the awaited “Airbus 350-1000 ( MSN059)” on 24th November 2016, in which the A350-1000, is the extension of the A350-900 series with the fuselage length of seventy four meters long in which is the longer than the Airbus 380-800 (73 meters).  In …

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