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Only least within Twelve hours ago, it was the first maiden flight for the awaited “Airbus 350-1000 ( MSN059)” on 24th November 2016, in which the A350-1000, is the extension of the A350-900 series with the fuselage length of seventy four meters long in which is the longer than the Airbus 380-800 (73 meters).  In view it’s the one of the longest of the Commercial airliners… The initial maiden flight was broadcast on Periscope live with questions and answering..  as it was waiting for the Runaway to clear also for clearance, as it begun its aircraft four hour testing for certification for service for next year  as the flight testing was done at Toulouse – Blagana Airport in the southwest regions of France with the Manufacturing serial Number 0059 ( MSN059). …

In which three testing Airbus 350-1000 are built during the first test flight Airbus 350-1000 (MSN059) it had all the testing it was design to test the engine and flight systems, the following second test Airbus 350-1000 (MSN060) in which is testing for the Aircraft wiring, electrical systems, in which the third testing Airbus 350-1000 (MSN065) is testing for the aircraft cabin pressure equipment, also interior..

The Airbus 350-1000 series have a capability range of 7,950 nautical miles in which is designed for high efficiency, performance also highest degree of passenger comfort to three classes accommodating economy premium, first and business classes, also its build on top of its successful design heritage the Airbus 350-900 series… In which the dual engines are of Rolls Royce Trent XWB-97 turboprop engines… once verification certification of the Airbus 350-1000 have been finalized it’ll begin manufacturing inwardly within the second half year of 2017 with pre-orders..

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