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On a clear summer French Toulouse 19th June 2018 Day, Airbus have delivered Cathay Pacific Airways has received its first Airbus 350XWB -1000 series Long Range Airliner.. It’s the second Airliner Carrier to taken delivery, in which recently only monthly ago it was Singapore Airlines that taken that place… In a special media event from various media invitingly……

It is the first out of twenty for the Cathay Pacific A350XWB-1000 fleet in which is designated to fly longer haul nonstop routes in between Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong to Washington DC….. the new fleet is compatible with the twenty two Cathay Pacific’s A350-900 series fleet …  with advance passenger innovative comfort  in all levels of various classes with more personal space also the freshness air, controlled temperature  and Humidity integrated connectivity with the next generation of inflight entertainment systems… Airbus 350-1000 series capabilities with the new innovation in interior design in creating a new standard of comfort that’s begin introduced into the Airbus 380plus Airspace Cabin..  With wider seating, high ceilings with a next generation of inflight environmental controls to ensure passenger comfort… in which can accommodate Cathay Pacific world leading flight services ensuring passenger comfort with a quiet cabin.. with the new fuel efficient engines also systems provides a good sense of operation economics  with fuel efficient heavily modified Rolls Royce Engines Trent XWB-97 engines to ensure maximum performance in which a new six wheel landing gears to accommodate the required length extension….

The A350-1000 is manufactured from different parts of Europe, in which is delivered towards the Airbus Toulouse assembly plant, arrived in a heavily modified variant five A300-600ST – Beluga Transporter…  The aircraft fuselage is assemble in which all the components are put together, the wings, the tail, the rudders, with the all the wiring included, as for the engine mounting comes later, with the interior cabin as well

When the final A350-1000 components are all assemble then the aircraft is sent towards the Airbus Toulouse Paint house, in which the main primer is sprayed on with the usually masking, taping preparations, then the final signature livery colours is layer on with careful delicate painted artistry as finally dried it’s then transferred to final phase of the assembly with the engine mountings, it’s engine nacelles, then it’s cabin interior fitting is installed to the required customization..…..

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