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Cathay Pacific Airways newest route Non Stop IAD- Washington DC -towards Hong Kong..


As Cathay Pacific Airway’s new sisters of Airbus 350XWB -1000 series fleet comes into shape in creating that fleet of direct flights from Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong Hong Kong International Airport towards United States Capital – Washington DC, IAD- Washington Dulles International Airport… In which that fleet composed of least twenty servicing that required dedicated flight path..

As that introduction in celebrating Direct to Washington DC, from Hong Kong, Cathay Pacific Airways celebrated at Hong Kong Central with the CBB-Hong Kong 2018 wine and dine festival, introducing what’s to come with the Direct to Washington DC with Spot prizes, treats, with iconic beverages of the flight experiences with virtual reality of Cathay Pacific new cabin experiences, also the flight cockpit… with the wonderful flight attendants crew..

Starting Non Stop flights to Hong Kong from 16th September 2018, Among that officially celebrating the new direct flight route in Washington DC, introducing live on 20th September 2018, at gate number three on flight CX 860, in Hong Kong International Airport in which was flight departure time at 1755 Hong Kong Time, with spot first flight memorabilia commemorating the flight given towards the passengers of that first flight….

Featuring 4th October 2018… that flight from Dulles International Airport on Cathay Pacific longest route celebrating with a massive shout out to the team of Cathay Pacific in making the campaign a success, with good luck lion dancing, entertainment, also interesting swags, before boarding the new Airbus 350WXB -1000 “B-LXB “Within the new aircraft is the new interior featuring business-premium economy- economy class, class seating..  With the a new seating interior supplier to cater the required new needs of the CX’s Airbus 350 XWB-1000 series, also Airbus’s state of art entertainments  center in with catering with awarding products, also internet – Wi-Fi Connectivity…


#Airbus #SingaporeAirlines | #A350XWB receiving their first Ultra Long Range #A350900ULR – getting you there in the making….

On during the week of 22nd of September 2018 Singapore Airlines- Singapore’s flagship Carrier.. Has reveal, receiving its first ULR- Ultra Long Range Airbus 350XWB- 900 series Airliner in which it flies further than the Traditional A350XWB series also it’s Boeing Counterpart….  In the first day of its delivery its was due to start  operationally with its new flight routed in between  the center of operational flight from Singapore to New York , Los Angeles also San Francisco nonstop on 11th October 2018…

Having receiving its first delivery flying from Airbus Delivery center in Toulouse towards Singapore.. The New A350-900ULR will expectantly have a duration flight of least eighteen hours and forty five minutes from Singapore towards New York and vice versa..  Having its first delivery it’s the first out of seven ULR- Ultra Long Range…

Airbus image Credit- Singapore Airlines newest Airbus 350-900ULR – Ultra Long Range

Featuring with Airbus Innovative Airspace by Airbus Cabins in featuring extra layering of comfort in which new Airbus Airspace cabin experiences introducing into with new features with advance inflight WiFi, with new innovated seating economy arrangements with comforting seats that if you’re like seating in business class… with a scientifically designed cushioning head rest that rest your head while sleeping so you won’t need to bring a neck rest… as part of that comfort is WiFi systems in which connects you towards  the rest of the internet connectivity in which from keeping up with you socials towards  allowing you to work while you’re travelling on flight long haul..  Featuring with the advance Airspace Cabin environmental systems it features with the advance Air conditioning systems giving you that right temperature management among with mood lighting ensuring giving passengers that sense of minimizing jet lag as they fly inwardly towards their destination..

Apart from its Traditional design layout of the Airbus 350XWB-900 Series Several major modifications of the airliner in which building up towards the A350-900ULR with relocating the sensors in the fuelling systems in which existing tanks to carry the maximum fuel capacity and load for the ULR variant.. Also fine tuning with its Rolls Royce Trent XWB Engines for that extensive range… with maximum fuel efficiency in mind..